Friday, April 22, 2011

Arienne's Wishlist @ April 2011

Okay, I'm putting on my materialistic hat here...

So I have been very good with not spending money recently. I am quite proud of myself! Okay, I've been buying books and personal education courses and the mortgage is still 'eating', but that doesn't count right??!

Unfortunately, not spending on beautiful items doesn't mean I've not been lusting for things both luxurious and practical.

Here is my current wishlist. Some of them have been on there for a few years, others have cropped up recently. Bit by bit I will be saving for the larger items and prioritising the smaller ones.

Most of them will have a super huge impact on my ability to create or bring beauty to my everyday or promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • An iPad 2
  • Digital SLR and lens
  • A new yoga mat (I'm a bit embarrassed by mine at the moment!!)
  • Workout clothes
  • A fabulous pair of black pants for work
  • A pair of comfortable flat black boots
  • New iPhone headphones my current ones are falling apart and crackling!
  • A juicer to make wonderfully nutritious and fresh liquids
  • A red kettle and toaster to match the chilli red pepper mill and pots I have
  • Clothes from TranquiliT - I've been lusting after the Jumpsuit for a few years amongst other things
  • Fold up shoes to carry around in my handbag to use when the stillettos are killing
  • Knee high Ugg boots for winter - as I brought my pair with me to Switzerland. I think they miss me because I'm missing them..
  • Stylish warm clothing - I seriously don't have many! Thank god for layers in the meantime
  • A proper microphone, software and website for Savvy Sassy She and the podcast!
Tatiane or Liane, feel free to pass this onto Mum and Dad...hee hee

What's on your wishlist SSSs?

Make it as you wish(list) SSSs!
Arienne xo

Arienne Loves...TiLT #5

This is a week where I am doing a lot of soul searching and it is great to be able to look around at the beautiful world and the people in it and be grateful and titilated for this week's TiLT - Things I Love Thursday (though, for some reason I tend to do this post on Friday's Australian time!).

Things that made me smile or feel grateful this week:

<3 People that can draw like the gorgeous image above! I wish I could, but let me stick to abstract scribbles... <3 Dreaming of a puppy - it will happen soon! <3 Meeting an affectionate cat who is the mascot of our Toastmasters meeting <3 It was so fun to put the 50 Random Facts about me post together <3 Fabulous friends that have gone out of their way and filled out some forms for The Man and I <3 Christian from Smart Boy Designs - we've just met and his blog is awesome - check it out if you can <3 People that are creating good and great in the world <3 Daddy-O buying me a gorgeous bunch of pink blooms (pictured below) <3 Two of my besties coming together to start organising my big 3-0 <3 The awesomely inspiring group of gals who are part of the Steering Committee for 10thousandgirl <3 Seeing friends <3 Crying when I missed the yoga class last night - then laughing at the silliness of it all! <3 That I took the time to do a yoga class this morning - the instructor was fabulous and said sooooooo many things I needed to hear <3 How spot on Mike Dooley's Notes from the Universe have been for me this week <3 My mummy coming to my rescue <3 The Man just being The Man <3 Online resources galore <3 Gals asking for my raw food resources from the 30 day raw food challenge - the wrap up post is to come! <3 Falling in love with Candles again <3 Being looked after so well in the kitchen department by Daddy-O <3 I am a total late Twitter uptaker - how cool is it?! <3 Choices and the Universe <3 Connecting with an awesome girl Miss L <3 Dreaming about the upcoming podcasts on Savvy Sassy She <3 Looking forward to Kimberly Wilson's podcast featuring the fabulous Gala Darling

What are you grateful or smiling about this week SSSs?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happenings in My Soul's Ether

Well...I'm feeling the impetus for change. There have been happenings in my soul's ether. Happenings I've not understood or initially embraced, but that I am coming to realise I need to stand up and pay attention to. I need to start taking some action in this direction otherwise my soul will not let me rest. I know it is right for the bigger picture and my higher purpose. But still, this is a time where fears arise and doubt seeps through. These can be overwhelming feelings that I need to accept, then harness and channel into passionate activity.

The difference, when I feel these sensations now as opposed to earlier in my life, is that I can label them as the universe giving me signs to leap into my potential. It is not safe to stay where I am and like Anais Nin proclaims:

'And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.'

I went through the hardest blossoming a few years ago coming out of a rough time with anxiety and I made many positive changes in my life. This week's sensations are shallower but similar. It is time to go through a chrysalis again and emerge lighter, on purpose and more beautiful than before.

I am also feeling excitement and energy; underneath all that is going on is the authenticity that you know is truly yours and yours alone.

I often say to people that you need to know yourself. And you need to do the things that make you happy in your everyday. It can be really hard to do when you feel responsible to others in your life, but in the end it is just that, your life. You are the one you wake with in the morning and go to sleep with at night. No other person is in there with you. So live the life you dream of. Design the life you see for yourself. Start taking action to do those things you love and that bring you joy.

I learned many things out of my experience. And I am still on a journey to live those lessons. The amazing manifesto below includes so many things I believe to be true.

So I'm going to take my own advice and make it as I wish SSSs!
I'll let you know what emerges...or jumps out with joy!
Arienne xo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reconnecting with the Candle

A candle can be a really magical thing. It brings lightness to the dark. Gives a wonderful, ambient glow to the surrounds. Creates a mood. Provides a boost to the moment it is lit for. Is symbolic. Is illuminating. It also provides the perfect finishing touch to a dinner party. Who could resist sitting at the table below?!

I worked for a couple of months at a magical Australian candle company Ecoya that make a beautiful hand poured soy range. Gorgeous scents including Lotus Flower, Sweet Pea & Jasmin and Wild Frangipani are wonderful! Large and small pillars, candles in glass jars and small travel tins. It is a divine, deluxe range. Check them out if you can!

I've been spending some time bring attention to what I am doing by lighting a candle while I am doing it. When I am sitting down to work on a project I've been lighting a vanilla scented candle to accompany me and give me some inspiration.

When starting to clear up and do some decluttering in my room I lit a candle to symbolise the moment and infuse it with some uplifting energy.

I find a candle helps when you want to bring some focus to the moment. It also helps me get over the line when I have to do something I'm really not wanting to do by making it into a more 'stylish' task.

Trust me, it is also very romantic...

Grab some candles and make your time and space a more creative task and infuse it with some illuminating magic.

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

50 Random Facts about me

Since I love lists and I love random facts I decided to do one of these! Here are 50 Random Facts About Me:
  1. My favourite flower is the oriental lillium
  2. I was born in Hong Kong in 1981
  3. I have two tattoos 
  4. I love skinny black ties
  5. I was voted 'best dressed' in high 1998
  6. Is a massive lover of books. One of my favs in Daddy Long Legs
  7. Once learned to play the drums...not very well...though it sounds cool doesn't it?
  8. Is a total romantic. I love The Man
  9. Continually strives for order in the physical chaos I create
  10. I am messy. But I like to think that I am a organised mess maker
  11. Is a stationary fiend
  12. I can speak English and Australian (thanks mum and dad...I could have been brought up speaking fluent German and Chinese...but no...)
  13. I've moved country/city approximately 15 times in my life, going to about 8 schools (entered some of them twice) and 2 universities. I don't know how many times I moved house.
  14. I can't click my fingers
  15. I have 1.5 sisters, but I love the halfie like a whole ;) 
  16. I am the eldest
  17. I was always curious about having a brother - I've been told I haven't missed much ;)
  18. I went blonde once...for a day (it was really more orange)
  19. I've never been engaged 'm engaged!
  20. My middle name is Bianca - not too bad hey
  21. My left ear sticks out waaaay more than my right ear
  22. I once thought the 'shhhh' gesture was the hello greeting (that's what you get for growing up in hotels)
  23. I grew up in beautiful five-star hotels - dad worked in them. I now live in a normal house (and unfortunately have learned to cook and clean and realise that room service is not on the other end of the phone if I dial '5')
  24. I once was a Brownie
  25. I think I am a grandma in a young person's body - I love to do crosswords, sudoku, cross-stitch and love old-school big band and ratpack music
  26. I used to have a favourite teddy bear named Snuggy. My sister told me, years after the fact, that she had dropped him in the toilet. I don't know where he is anymore (sob).
  27. I can read maps and have a good sense of direction
  28. My pet peeve is incorrect spelling (though I am probably guilty of that in my tired moments) and when people say 'somethink' instead of 'something'
  29. I love systems, routines, planning and organising but sometimes fall short in the implementation
  30. I laugh at my own jokes - some of them are really good...really...
  31. I'm not very good at looking after my hair
  32. I'm finally admitting that I prefer apres-ski to the actual skiing or snowbaording 
  33. I once had a major crush on Edward Furlong (Eddie) from the Terminator movie way back when
  34. I like to walk down the street with a smile on my face. Others find this strange
  35. I cry in movies a lot. I'm also occasionally known to cry over TV adverts and the news
  36. Want to do so many things but sometimes find it hard to know where to start
  37. I really enjoy a good cup of milky coffee. Sometimes instant is better than cafe (sorry java aficionados)
  38. I like to see the good in people, in the world and in the everyday. Though sometimes my mind goes a bit foggy and these things are hard to see. I'm working on it because I think people and the world are fundamentally, awesomely and fabulously great
  39. I love my good friends, but I'm not the best in keeping in contact. Luckily, the relationship is often still wonderful when we reconnect
  40. None of my family live in Sydney
  41. I've been a permanent resident of Australia since 1988
  42. Was once told I could be a great actor by a producer from the BBC. Oh well...
  43. Was really good at geography at high school. Really?! Yes, I was good at knowing the rainfall (or precipitation) in different locations around Australia
  44. I've been slapped across the face once. By Edwina in Year 3. I still don't know why.
  45. The first album I owned was Kylie Minogues "I Should Be So Lucky" one
  46. I've been told I snore. I'm still waiting to see if this is a fact. I don't believe it
  47. I love connecting with people
  48. I love the feeling of laughing so hard you can't stop
  49. We were once asked to leave a performance due to 48.
  50. I adore my family - my mum is inspirational and the source of so much good in my life, my dad is the most wonderful teddy bear, my step-dad is a fabulous crazy visionary, my sisters are my best friends. 
  51. I love lists :) and just had to add one more to make it 51.
What are some random facts about you? I encourage you to make your own list - it's fun!

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week In Review: 11-17 April 2011 - Colds & Catchups

These are my favourite flowers! I love being surrounded by them, though I have to say, it is not too often. Flowers are expensive in Australia :( I have to say The Man, is very good at bringing them home for me once in a while and they make such a difference to my day. This lovely bunch came from one of my favourite students when I was working at the Uni. They are super gorgeous and brought me so much joy.

Just thought I would mention it as I was trawling through my pics to find something uplifting and there was a pic I couldn't resist!

So, onto the week in review...

After pretty much being a social hermit for the last 1.5 months, I started venturing out and reconnecting with some friends. I had a couple of days that were a little yukky as I was fighting off a cold and have had some very productive moments and learnings!
  • Went to a friend's dad's beautiful photographic exhibition in the city. Who knew that double exposed pictures of gum leaves could be so beautiful?! I love these words from his page on redbubble "How honoured to be invited to look, linger and stumble upon hidden worlds." Howard Gwynne
  • The Man and I have hardly gone to the movies together, but we made up for it this week! We had no expectations of 'Red Riding Hood' and therefore came out very impressed. I could feel the cold coming on at this stage, but managed to stay awake throughout! What was crazy was the line for free Ben and Jerry's ice cream - would you seriously wait 20 minutes for a scoop of free icecream??!
  • My Cousina has finished her studies in Sydney and her friends came around and had a dinner with us on her last night. It was great to see them. Here is The Man and I looking very bleary eyed next to the stunningly gorgeous Cousina
  • Visited a new wine bar in the local area with locals (haha, I glad they graciously included my suburb in the mix so I could legitimately attend). Though I have to say I was slightly brain dead!
  • Spent hours collating our paperwork for immigration. Though it has been a fabulously reflective process on our early relationship days!
  • Starting reading the book The Joy of Less to get me into the right mindset to clear out and clean up my wardrobe and room. I started with two small parts of the room and it already felt fabulous!
  • Went to see a fab movie 'Goethe' at the German Film Festival with Daddy-O and The Man. I loved it. Go see it if you can. It is about Goethe's early days before he became a famous author and poet. I have a crush on the main actor (don't tell The Man!)

  • Every time a friend of mine M comes into town I say I'm going to meet her and some massive problem in my life comes up. Weird I know. So she came into town this weekend and I didn't say I was coming (just in case) and we ended up surprising her. It was lovely to see that group again.
  • Off for a lovely brunch, then a quick seminar and then back to the wardrobe clutter me thinks!
Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

Friday, April 15, 2011

Arienne Loves...TiLT #4

Well it may seem that because I haven't posted a TiLT post for a while, that I may have stopped loving things...

Well my dears you would be mistaken. I have secretly been doing lots of loving, admiration and gratitude but without an outlet to express it. How frustrating...

Luckily I have realised that the medication I can take for this is making the space for a TiLT post!

<3 I have fallen in love with the below wall art of heart by Sarah & Bendrix. Are they not gorgeous?! <3

<3<3 Receiving a postcard from South America from Miss Marie - I haven't had a postcard in years! <3 Creating two podcasts! I must admit I am chuffed with myself! I know they're not perfect but at least I've started the process! <3 Progress over Perfection <3 Stumbling onto Pintrest - where have I been? <3 Celebrating Ms H falling pregnant! Hello yummy mummy! <3 Discovering an amazing network of bloggers in Australia - watch out I will be connecting :) <3 Getting excited about Kimberly Wilson's Art and Yoga retreat in Paris and Provence May 2012 <3 The stuffed easter bunny we received when buying popcorn at the movies <3 The Man - love love love <3 Daddy-O being here <3 Receiving love from my friends over this blog - you don't know how much it is appreciated <3 Having 4 followers - that is so cool for me! I am very very very grateful :) <3 Amazon Wishlist <3 Red appliances for the kitchen <3 Finding books on Amazon and having them on my iPhone Kindle in seconds! <3 Meeting amazing, creative women with a view to interview them and share their stories, learnings and inspirations with the world <3 The lil' sister and our sissy talks <3 Not knowing where my Mum is in the world at any one time, but knowing she is having a fab time (latest check ins Beijing and Arizona) <3 Friends volunteering to coordinate my 30th birthday with fabulous ideas Sissy Liane having her 27th birthday celebrating with friends in London <3 BossLady's laugh - uplifting, contagious and awesome <3 Roadside assistance - thank you for coming to my rescue! <3 Plans and dreams for the future <3

What are you loving today?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo
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