Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Apologies and Celebrate the Daddy-O

I love this picture of Daddy-O because he looks like he is performing brain surgery on Mumsies

 Daddy-O introduced me to one of my loves - The Bloody Mary as featured in the pic

 Daddy-O is German. Therefore my sister and I are half German (genius). But we've been taught to love big FULL beers.

 What can I say? He's Daddy cool!

And we match!
Whoops, I've not been a very good lil' Miss Blogger lately have I?

I've got story drafts aplenty, but I've not had enough energetic brain cells to get them into a gorgeous state ready for your eyeballs. So will you forgive me if I bat my little eyelashes?

So, to illustrate how busy I have been (well, busy and then having time in the evening, but feeling like a zombie twice killed and therefore not doing any of the tasks that needed to be done), let me tell you a story of a girl who mustn't be a great daughter but absolutely loves her Daddy-O.

She hasn't seen her Dad since January because he lives in Cuckoo Clock Land (aka Switzerland) and she lives near the Opera House (Sydney, Australia). This little girl has been looking forward to her father coming and has been counting down the days.

Now, any normal daughter would be running around washing sheets, vacuuming up all those dust bunnies, scrubbing the toilet, swiping down cobwebs, sprucing up the rooms, buying fresh flowers and baking cookies. You know, being Cinderella in general to show Daddy-O how welcome he is and what a fabulous 'home-maker' he has helped to raise.

(Insert failure noise here). WRONG!

Aspiring Savvy Sassy She Arienne greeted Daddy-O at the airport with unwashed hair and panda eyes (and with a very good looking, yet slightly sickly and contagious The Man in tow). Then she proceeded to welcomed him home to a 'bomb sty' (for those of you who may not have read a previous post, I have coined a term that can occasionally describe my gorgeous surroundings as a cross between a bomb site and a pig sty - voila bomb sty)! And then proceeded to make his bed with fresh sheets right before his very eyes as I was kicking the stuff further under the bed that was trying to hide there.

Now, you may think that I didn't have advanced noticed of his arrival and therefore all this last minute chaos was a result of that.

(Insert failure noise here). WRONG!

I had known of his arrival since Christmas last year...

And I am all about 'living above the line' and taking ownership and accountability into my life, but sometimes having excuses and having a whinge is fun!

So these in no particular order are:
  • I've been working hard
  • I've just come off a four day seminar that ended Sunday evening
  • I haven't had a weekend in over a month
  • My car broke down
  • Mum rearranged the house and furniture and I've not focussed on moving everything to its new home
  • I like to have at least 7 hours of sleep (I am a better human being for it and therefore the world benefits)
  • BFF C moved out
  • The Man has been very busy too
  • And the dog ate my homework
So there you go. Am I the worst blogger and worst daughter ever?

It is okay if you say yes in this instance. At least I would have achieved something in this arena!

All in all, I am seriously grateful that Daddy-O (and his cooking skills) have arrived. I am concerned for the potential weight gain, but am grateful that I have re-enrolled in Bootycamp to compensate.

And I am taking a day off work to regain my composure and get myself (and my laundry pile) back on track.

Wish me luck SSSs! And welcome to my newest follower - you rock and you make my day - Merci!

Make it as you wish SSSs
Arienne xo


  1. Ha ha ha, if there is one thing I know about you, you wouldn't have been cleaning like a madwoman to welcome daddy home. Loving the blog. You're so cute. XXX

  2. haha Ms Vettina, you know me too well. But I have improved!! Maybe just slightly xo


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