Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week In Review: 11-17 April 2011 - Colds & Catchups

These are my favourite flowers! I love being surrounded by them, though I have to say, it is not too often. Flowers are expensive in Australia :( I have to say The Man, is very good at bringing them home for me once in a while and they make such a difference to my day. This lovely bunch came from one of my favourite students when I was working at the Uni. They are super gorgeous and brought me so much joy.

Just thought I would mention it as I was trawling through my pics to find something uplifting and there was a pic I couldn't resist!

So, onto the week in review...

After pretty much being a social hermit for the last 1.5 months, I started venturing out and reconnecting with some friends. I had a couple of days that were a little yukky as I was fighting off a cold and have had some very productive moments and learnings!
  • Went to a friend's dad's beautiful photographic exhibition in the city. Who knew that double exposed pictures of gum leaves could be so beautiful?! I love these words from his page on redbubble "How honoured to be invited to look, linger and stumble upon hidden worlds." Howard Gwynne
  • The Man and I have hardly gone to the movies together, but we made up for it this week! We had no expectations of 'Red Riding Hood' and therefore came out very impressed. I could feel the cold coming on at this stage, but managed to stay awake throughout! What was crazy was the line for free Ben and Jerry's ice cream - would you seriously wait 20 minutes for a scoop of free icecream??!
  • My Cousina has finished her studies in Sydney and her friends came around and had a dinner with us on her last night. It was great to see them. Here is The Man and I looking very bleary eyed next to the stunningly gorgeous Cousina
  • Visited a new wine bar in the local area with locals (haha, I glad they graciously included my suburb in the mix so I could legitimately attend). Though I have to say I was slightly brain dead!
  • Spent hours collating our paperwork for immigration. Though it has been a fabulously reflective process on our early relationship days!
  • Starting reading the book The Joy of Less to get me into the right mindset to clear out and clean up my wardrobe and room. I started with two small parts of the room and it already felt fabulous!
  • Went to see a fab movie 'Goethe' at the German Film Festival with Daddy-O and The Man. I loved it. Go see it if you can. It is about Goethe's early days before he became a famous author and poet. I have a crush on the main actor (don't tell The Man!)

  • Every time a friend of mine M comes into town I say I'm going to meet her and some massive problem in my life comes up. Weird I know. So she came into town this weekend and I didn't say I was coming (just in case) and we ended up surprising her. It was lovely to see that group again.
  • Off for a lovely brunch, then a quick seminar and then back to the wardrobe clutter me thinks!
Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo


  1. It's gorgeous isn't it?! My favourite! Makes me so happy...


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