Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Au Revoir Savvy Sassy She

It is time to say goodbye to this blog as its essence and core morphs into ariennegorlach.wordpress.com 

The themes will be the same, I'm just starting afresh as I've built clarity around where I want to take these messages. It is still all about life inspiration and building a community of empowered women creating lives they absolutely love.

These posts will be staying her for now - they have a place in this world.
A few of the posts that stood out here include:
Do you hate a part of yourself too?
From Darkness to Light
A Life Less Ordinary
Life is like a bus (and a box of chocolates)
Your true life vision takes courage

Why don't you join me over there now ariennegorlach.wordpress.com - it's bright and cozy :)

Make it as you wish Adventuress/Savvy Sassy She!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Passions Ignited - My Life is Crafted World!

Many of you know I am going through a rebrand of the Savvy Sassy She to Arienne Gorlach - Luxe Life Adventuress at the moment. This site will be going through a revamp over Christmas time to bring it in line with inspiration and education around life design (yeehaa!). There will be more how-to posts and ways to become an Adventuress in the biggest journey of all...your life!

In the meantime, here's a video to share some of the passion that I have around implementing the gorgeous life you are creating.The reason behind my diary/planner line, Life is Crafted :) Enjoy!

 Make is as you wish Adventuress!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Weeks in Review: 28 September - 11 October 2013 - Learning, Leaning & Designing

Me & Dr. Demartini

So my dears, it has been quite a productive fortnight! I guess that is what happens when you have tight deadlines and are away from your computer for a few days...


  • Engagement party for friends and drop it at friend's birthday - we were spreading our cold germs everywhere - haha, no I don't actually think we were that contagious any more!
  • Mass kindle book download fest - now to prioritise the readings!
  • Lots of airport pick ups and drop offs - I think I could drive there and back in my sleep!
  • Helped dad navigate the fun of German Embassy bureaucracy...
  • Wrote Monthly Dreams post
  • Wrote Goodbye Shiny Distractions post
  • Post office visits and errands galore
  • Booked park for wedding
  • Had discussion with fabulous new website designer
  • Did my month in review and month planning - i LOVE planning!
  • Catch up with lovely friend to organise a collaboration
  • New Zealand trip to do a Demartini course - Master Life Planning (i told you i LOVE planning!)
  • Catch up with friend and LifeTyped business partner Kirsten (aka the KB in KBAG) at the Viaduct in Auckland)
  • I love travelling with mum :) We got to sit in the Qantas Lounge and sip french champagne (well, I did, mum doesn't drink - I got dad's german drinking genes.)
  • Wonderful catch up over Thai with Mrs T & Mr S and their little bump :)
  • Bought new laptop! Now I just have to set it all up...
  • Coaching sessions
  • Catch up with coaching buddies
  • Created timetable for Pilates friend :)
  • Online shopping for my biz needs
  • Printing discussions
  • Lots of new planner product creation for Life is Crafted!
I love this hat and I've not worn it for ages - bit of a weird pic with my eyes, but hey...the focus is on the hat


  • BBQ catch up with friends
  • Lots of proofing of planner products
  • New website progress
  • Lovely dinner with The Man if he's lucky ;)
How about you Adventuress? What was your highlight of the week and what are you looking forward to the next few days?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2013 Dreams/September Review

Ooooh La La! Hello to the 10th month of 2014! Do you know there are only 92 days left of the year?!

One massive lesson from the last 30 days is the value of FOCUS. I've written a little bit more about this recent lesson here.

Because of this focus, I'm going to be careful what I commit to and schedule in, so 'Who I want to be this month' is:
The person who does what they say they will - for both myself and others
My focus areas for this month are twofold: Health & Career.

I've been neglecting my physical health recently. It seems that in each moment that presents itself with the option to do some work or to get out and stretch my body, the former wins. Hands down. Each time.

Consciously, I know from drastic personal experience, that when my physical health is great, everything else in my life is easier. So, this month I'm making a big effort to start moving my body again!

I know I can marry these two focuses. They are both important and they positively feed each other. When I'm out getting my heart pumping I'm de-stressing and opening up my heart and mind to solutions and ways to make life and business even better. Expect to find a few posts on health and the journey I'm diving into over the next few weeks!


  • 2014 Life is Crafted collection finalised and new designs done
  • The new Life is Crafted website launched
  • Attend Demartini course in New Zealand (so excited!)
  • Craft quarterly goals and a clear action plan for the next 90 days
  • Get really clear on my vision, mission and values and have them all in one place
  • Read my WHY everyday
  • Write my Morning Pages everyday 
  • Jump into my health kick - yoga, heart-pumping puppy walks, 
  • Confirm my editorial calendar
  • Design our wedding invitations
  • Guest List finalised
  • Attend Wedding meal tasting


  • New Logo and Branding - some of you might now I'm in the midst of a rebrand of SSS to become Arienne Gorlach - Luxe Life Adventuress - same sentiment just updated! Can't wait to share :) - I've signed off on the logo and some finishing touches need to be done - very exciting!
  • Life is Crafted 2014 Collection - I've been working on the Dotty range and have them almost completed. Now just to do the other 2 designs, layouts and all the additional pages. I had such great feedback from my customers in regards to tweaks and new additions.
  • New Life is Crafted Website started -  I have a list of people to contact so it has been progressed but there is still a lot to do
  • Releasing sadness - doing some emotional work - Postponed :)
  • Fabulous Family time in Perth - 1st time in years we are all together in one place :) - OMG, it was really wonderful - we made some great memories and enjoyed such a lovely time together. I love my family!
  • Celebrate 4 year anniversary with The Man - Celebrated! It was lovely and our last anniversary before we get married :)
  • Design Intro Evening - I'm holding an evening event in the Sydney CBD in late October - super exciting!
  • Book park for the Wedding - I filled out the form, we just need to fax it off :) Also booked out menu tasting in - it is such a nice feeling to check them off the list.
  • Friend reconnection - catch up with some Uni buddies after almost 10 years! Such gorgeous girls! It was soooooooo lovely to catch up after such a long time - everyone looked pretty much the same and there was so much to catch up on
  • Work out renovation dates - postponed as we are waiting on some other dates for other maintenance works from the body corporate.
  • Stick to new routine (this is an often recurring monthly dream!) -  Hmmmm, I did so-so on this!
  • Design weekend retreat - possible event with some like-minded awesome girlfriends! We decided to postpone to March 2014 as October didn't work for a lot of the people who were interested. It will be a great time at the end of the first quarter of 2014 to see how you're going with your goals and to kickstart wellness and life inspiration for the rest of the year
  • Other's calendars - I'm working with some great gals on joint calendars - Had a few more discussions and once the Life is Crafted range is out of the way I'll have more time
  • Wedding invitations designed and sent - I'm supposedly doing them myself! Oooooooh -  Okay, so not done! Everyone is saying that the invites only need to go out around 3 months before the wedding date so I have a little more time :) Most of the people who need to travel already know informally anyways...
  • New Editorial Calendar - so I can be here and share more! -  Done most of the prep work, just trying to see what is feasible so I don't set myself up for failure...
  • Goodbye Shiny Distractions, Hello Focus & Making Things Happen!

    Found on  a lovely blog about Shiny Object Syndrome!

    Those of you who know me know I have a lot going on. Like always. And not always in a good way. I know I have somehow chosen all of this as there are so many wonderful opportunities, ideas and people that it is hard not to jump on board all of them (I don't actually physically jump on that many people - but you know what I mean right?!).

    Buuuuuuuuuuut, there are consequences to this. Yes...
    I sometimes drop the ball and then follow it with a beat up session.
    I drop doing some of the stuff that is good for me and I enjoy (ahem...yoga...double ahem...blogging)
    I don't do a lot of things to the depth or with the care they deserve
    I don't connect with a lot of friends and loved ones
    Time feels like it flies by without accomplishing big things
    I don't have the down time to rejuvenate or connect with myself and my creativity.

    Do you ever feel this way too? What do you do about it?

    So, I'm learning to:

    • stay away from Shiny Distracting Objects (eyes on the prize Girl!), 
    • saying a compassionate 'No' or 'Can we have a look at that later?' when required,
    • asking myself 'Will doing this move me towards my goals?' and then 'Is this the best thing I can do right now to move me quickly to my goals?' when new things present themselves,
    • not adding anything new to my project list until some a complete and, 
    • focussing on what is important in the now so I can really dive into the things that will make my dreams come to reality.
    What are your recommendations to deal with have too many things to do?

    Make it as you wish Adventuress,
    Arienne xo
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