Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arienne's 101 Things to Do in Her Fabulous Life (My Bucket List)

So I thought I would share with you my 101 list. I have to say it is a bit daunting putting it out there! There are big things and small things on there. There are things that will take a while to achieve and others that have already been started. There are serious things and frivolous things. There are things that will make a difference in other people's lives and things that will make an impact on my immediate surrounds. There are things that are specific and things that are ongoing. I think it is a pretty good mix!

Please note it is a work in progress and this is my list at 12th April 2011. I haven't reached 101 items yet and I know there are more amazing things to go on there!

1. Go on a dog sleigh ride
2. Have a TV show
3. Meet Oprah
4. Publish a book that becomes a best seller
5. To have a perfectly organised home – everything in its place
6. Start and maintain a family tradition- 16 Nov 2011 Started a family recipe book
7. Have a fabulous white pants suit
8. Sing a jazz song to an audience in a red dress
9. Create photo albums of all important photos
10. Design, build and decorate my dream home
11. Fly first class on a long haul flight
12. Breathe freely
13. Be amazingly fit and healthy on my 30th birthday- 17 May 2011
14. Accumulate assets of > $5million
15. Visit the Maldives
16. Stay in a Bora Bora villa over the water
17. Go diving/snorkelling in Exmouth
18. Run a marathon I've realised I don't really want to do this!!!
19. Stay in a villa in Tuscany for at least 2 months
20. Have at least two children
21. Marry the love of my life - Step 1 done! Engaged on 28th Dec 2011
22. Be a keynote speaker to an important crowd
23. Be interviewed for a magazine
24. Have beautiful artwork adorn my walls
25. Paint a picture I’m truly proud of and hang it in a prime position in my home.
26. Have an extended period living in Paris
27. Take beautiful photos with an SLR camera May 2011
28. Have a romantic beach escapade
29. Do a hot air balloon ride
30. Have my own business that helps others inspire and create
31. Sponsor a child or village or regular provide microloans
32. Be the most amazing mother and grandmother
33. Go on an art retreat - Scheduled May 2012 with Kimberly Wilson Done May 2012
34. Go on a meditation/spiritual retreat a la Eat Pray Love
35. Go on a solo holiday
36. Have a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers and 3 water features
37. Go on a tree top holiday with zip lines
38. Have a dog - The wonderful Zander entered our lives in June 2011
39. Surround myself with things I love at home – that are gorgeous, inspirational and eye opening
40. Organise a fabulous party in someone’s honour
41. Have a dream picnic
42. Make a real difference in peoples’ lives – large and small
43. Be great mentor to someone
44. Speak German fluently
45. Speak French fluently
46. Become Australian
47. Become better at archery
48. Regularly write on a popular blog
49. Have my own website a la Kimberly Wilson
50. Swim in a waterfall
51. Own a convertible
52.  Visit Hungary  June 2012
53. Start a foundation for something I believe in
54. Have a fabulous mentor
55. Meet and really connect with one of my mentors May 2012
56. Learn to sew both by hand and with a sewing machine
57. Tape my father’s stories
58. Let my parents really know how much they mean to me
59. Create a book of family recipes contributed to by the immediate and extended family
60. Learn how to make delicious dumplings February 2012
61. Meditate daily
62. Have a night of stargazing and find the constellations
63. Have a beautiful view of the water out of my window at home
64. Have multiple sources of passive income
65. Go white water rafting
66. Go hang gliding
67. Visit the Maldives or Seychelles
68. Participate in La Tomatina 
69. Fly a kite
70. Respond don’t react
71. Join a Toastmaster group
72. Receive a standing ovation
73. Celebrate each significant birthday with a bang!
74. Life a more scheduled life to minimise wasted busy time
75. Have a beautiful, workable, practical diary
76. Be an active part of a like-minded inspiring community
77. Have some photos taken of me that I really love
78. Dance in the rain and get saturated again
79. Take a long train trip with beautiful views
80. Snowshoe
81. Be a tourist in Sydney
82. Take the road less travelled
83. Write my amazing memoir of living an extraordinary life
84. Try laughter yoga
85. Create a popular podcast
86. Make regular contributions to the global community
87. Master my mind
88. Create a wonderful wardrobe and style
89. Create a balanced life full of inspiration
90. Continue a life of continous self improvement
91. Regularly reflect on my life and lessons
92. Be a great friend to those around me
93. Regularly fill my well
94. Update my vision board
95. Create a portable business that makes a difference
96. Walk over the Anzac Bridge
97. Walk over the Harbour Bridge

What does yours look like?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo 


  1. Hi Arienne,
    You are already an inspiration! Keep doing what you are doing and stay happy and true to yourself :)
    Xxx Chan

  2. Hi Lovely Chan,
    Thank you so much, it means the world to hear that! It is a journey to stay authentic isn't it? But I've certainly learned the importance of it.


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