Friday, April 22, 2011

Arienne's Wishlist @ April 2011

Okay, I'm putting on my materialistic hat here...

So I have been very good with not spending money recently. I am quite proud of myself! Okay, I've been buying books and personal education courses and the mortgage is still 'eating', but that doesn't count right??!

Unfortunately, not spending on beautiful items doesn't mean I've not been lusting for things both luxurious and practical.

Here is my current wishlist. Some of them have been on there for a few years, others have cropped up recently. Bit by bit I will be saving for the larger items and prioritising the smaller ones.

Most of them will have a super huge impact on my ability to create or bring beauty to my everyday or promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • An iPad 2
  • Digital SLR and lens
  • A new yoga mat (I'm a bit embarrassed by mine at the moment!!)
  • Workout clothes
  • A fabulous pair of black pants for work
  • A pair of comfortable flat black boots
  • New iPhone headphones my current ones are falling apart and crackling!
  • A juicer to make wonderfully nutritious and fresh liquids
  • A red kettle and toaster to match the chilli red pepper mill and pots I have
  • Clothes from TranquiliT - I've been lusting after the Jumpsuit for a few years amongst other things
  • Fold up shoes to carry around in my handbag to use when the stillettos are killing
  • Knee high Ugg boots for winter - as I brought my pair with me to Switzerland. I think they miss me because I'm missing them..
  • Stylish warm clothing - I seriously don't have many! Thank god for layers in the meantime
  • A proper microphone, software and website for Savvy Sassy She and the podcast!
Tatiane or Liane, feel free to pass this onto Mum and Dad...hee hee

What's on your wishlist SSSs?

Make it as you wish(list) SSSs!
Arienne xo

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