Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shower Power

I wish I could look more like the lady above and less like a drowned rat when in the shower. Maybe I should start wearing lipstick as I am scrubbing down...

So, I had a very powerful shower on Sunday. Strange I know! But it is truly a place for thinking, for problem-solving, for dreaming and setting intentions. So much so that I am going to put a shower-proof writing pad on my wishlist :)

Why was it such a powerful shower do you ask?

Well, I had two clear intentions pop up in my head...
1. That I wanted to meet some interesting women that I could interview for the podcast
2. That I should talk to Dad about actually starting the memoirs he's been talking about for years.

Well, I'm sure you can guess.

Yes. I started to meet really interesting women (and it is only Tuesday morning!). On Sunday evening I went to a friend's birthday gathering. The friend's sister was up visiting from Melbourne. Lou is a fabulous young going through some really interesting life overhaul changes and is moving to India. Bingo, I asked if she would be interested in being my first interviewee and she said yes!

Then last night, I put on my artistic outfit and trotted out to visit a friend's father's photographic exhibition.

My Artistic Look last night - Flower Power and looking a bit vampy!

 The photos were beautiful double exposures of leaves and Sydney scenery. It really inspired me to get cracking with a camera. I've found that you do look at the world quite differently when you think of it in frames.

Anyway, I met another interesting young woman who has come back from a holiday in Morocco, Dubai and Thailand who is an interior designer. We had a chat about her views on going back to study, design and the impact it can have on people. So voila, I have sourced another lady to interview!

Then on Monday morning, Daddy-O came downstairs and said that he is going to start working on his book!

So there you go - those Sunday shower intentions were powerful!!!! And I didn't even do it that consciously. So what will happen if I do??

What are you putting out there? Do you use the shower for dreaming, planning and setting intentions?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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