Sunday, April 10, 2011

Creating Space

It has been a hectic month and I am finally catching up with myself. It took some effort and I had to enforce having some down time but it has been well worth it!

I am feeling more sane and the creative me is peeking out again. It has been wonderful saying hello to her and getting to know what she has been wanting to do.

I'm trying to include more of the creative Arienne in my everyday. To do all my tasks with a creative eye and flair. I find it hard sometimes when I am under the pump - just doing - to create space for the creative me. This is one reason I like using beautiful tools in my everyday (gorgeous notebooks, fabulous pens, pretty laptop bag), to do the everyday in style.

This blog is really a focused opportunity to look at beautiful things (like the gorgeous picture above) and express a little of me.

How do you infuse creativity into your everyday?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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