Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Groan! Moan! I think I caught me some man flu!
Nah! I'm not that bad but I am whinging a bit because I haven't been any where near what you could call sick in ages...And now I have one of those anboying head colds where it is quite hard to think clearly...

But I'm trying to stay up-beat and take vitamins and drink water and visualise myself in perfect health. So to stay focused here are some pretty pics from earlier on in the week :)

 Daddy-O made a delicious Cheese Fondue last weekend. Hmmm maybe that wasn't so nutritionally meaningful!

The weather was so beautiful on Monday, I moved my office out to the Courtyard and kept Daddy-O's laundry company

So, wish me happy healing!

Make it as you wish SSSs! 
Arienne xo


  1. mmm, fondu and wine sounds soo good right now!

  2. I am a fondue fiend! My family always laugh as I scrape the botton of the bowl. Yum! I hope you can satisfy your fondue and wine craving soon :)


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