Monday, April 11, 2011

SSS Podcast Episode #002 - Bucket (101) List

Hello and welcome to Savvy Sassy She's Podcast Episode #002 - The Bucket (101) List

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Overview of Episode
Episode #002 is a discussion around Bucket Lists. I cover the benefits of having one, how to create, use and share them.

I like to call them '101 things to do in my fabulous life' (rather than 101 things to do before I die!).


Here is a list of Bucket List sites where you can get ideas share your own or help others tick things off their list: 
Squidoo 100 Things 
Arienne's Bucket List

I also suggest googling 'Bucket List' and '101 things to do' and interesting articles, blogs and sites will come up.

And the movie The Bucket List

You may want to create it in Word, in your diary, on your phone (I use Paperless - which I realised I spelt incorrectly in the podcast!).

I thought this pic of the boys below was cute - you can choose how you want to share yours :)

Savvy Activity
Create you own bucket list
Store it in an accessible place (even put a copy behind the bathroom door!)
Review it weekly
Share it with others for accountability
Take action!

Sassy Connections
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Make it as you wish SSS!
Arienne xo

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