Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dreams come True (sort of)...

So I checked in with my 101 Things To Do In My Fabulous List post recently to cross off what I have accomplished and review what was on there (yes, I know there are still only 95 items on the list!).

While gazing out into the backyard yesterday, I realised that one of the things on my list was done.

"36. Have a beautiful garden full of blooming flowers and 3 water features"
Well, sort of done. But not quite in the way I envisaged originally.

Here are my blooming flowers!

And my three water features??
Well, my post yesterday shows two of them (the two pools) and then I have a fountain (AKA mosquito breeding ground).

So I am grateful and thankful that I received what I wished for!

Though now I'm learning that I need to be more specific:

"36. A beautiful english garden with blooming flowers and a luscious lawn and three water features that have flowing water and give gorgeous, aesthetic, tranquil ambiance."

What do you need to get more specific about in your goals and dreams?
Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

Monday, January 30, 2012

A place for...Relaxation, Fun & Creativity?!

 The Grown Ups pool (that's us!) Thong is there for size comparison
The Fur Baby's Pool

The Man has been hard at work most of the day creating our little pool haven (A pool! Yes, we have a pool!!) and it is right next to our little garden and the Lemon tree of love!

And because we are loving (& pathetic) doggie parents, our little black monster has a pool of his own.

So now instead of dreaming of cool retreats on hot days we have one! 

Cocktails are coming up... 

February 2012 Dreams/January Review

Paris Here We Come! Photo Credit

Budapest here we come! Photo Credit
  1. Run first focus group
  2. Organise focus groups #2 & #3
  3. Attend Yoga with a View
  4. Create and run sales workshop
  5. Create budget with The Man
  6. Go on a romantic camping escapade
  7. Paint something (I'm feeling inspired!)
  8. Celebrate valentines day with the fiance ;)
  9. Organise garage sale
  10. Do yoga at least 4x a week
  11. Start connecting with like-minded bloggers
  12. Get my social media groove on...
  13. Recognise the ways the Universe is showing up and supporting my dreams!


  1. Do a speech at toastmasters - Done! It went well :)
  2. Attend the Farewell bash of Miss L - Done! A really fun evening
  3. Create website outline - Not completed
  4. Interview 2 fab gals for 10thousandgirl - Done! Really great interviews - 1 published, 1 to come
  5. Book flights for May/June Paris/Provence/Hungary holiday/art retreat tour - Done!
  6. Record Librivox chapter - Have to do this soon, but the cough has been getting in the way :(
  7. Complete free course  - Not completed - have to get onto this
  8. Publish the SSS Manifesto - Done! Please feel free to share
  9. Celebrate at friend's engagement partay - Done - was a night full of love :)
  10. Savour 1st month being engaged :) - Done and enjoyed! I still love saying fiance
  11. Start writing 10thousandgirl book - Done! Started :)
  12. Create blog strategy and editorial routine (yes, putting the professional hat on!) -  Done!
  13. Ensure I love my garden so my plants don't die! -  All still alive
  14. Vision, dream and create more for SSS - see vision board above! - Dreaming and doing :)
How are you going to make February go your way?
Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week in Review: 21 - 27 Jan Farewells, Coaching & A Cough

Well after 3 weeks of having a cough (which is very strange for me, I can't remember the last time I was sick!) I caved and went to the doctor and am popping some antibiotics...Had a bit of a financial meltdown but am building myself back up and am motivated and have a plan!

Here is a little of what my week looked like:

Second weekly accountability and guidance coaching with 2 other entrepreneurs. Fabulous way to keep on track and actually do your priorities for the week!
Helped chinese guest move more furniture into their new place around the corner
Went to Miss L's Farewell Party. She's off back to Melbourne, so its not really farewell, just see you a little later :)
Lots of Australian Open Tennis watching
Fish & Chips by the Bay date evening with The Man and The Dog
Lots and lots of time focussed on my finances. Finally cleared out a box of receipts and am tracking my spending.
Miss C's birthday
Paid for flight to Europe - yay!
Started 2 week personal yoga challenge
Published Collaborative Consumption Podcast with Lisa Fox of Open Shed for 10thousandgirl
Spent morning doing yoga and spending quality time with Miss L before she's off to Melbs
Presented speech at Toastmasters
Was very unAustralian and didn't even have an alcholic drink on Australia Day!
Created a bit of a calendar for this blog :)
Asked facebook friends to 'like' my Savvy Sassy She page and am so grateful for their action.
Cancelled gym membership to focus my finances
Mummy arrives for a few days!

What did you get up to this week?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

Thursday, January 26, 2012

On My Bookshelf: Toute Allure

Title: Toute Allure
Author: Karen Wheeler
Website: http://www.amazon.com/Toute-Allure-Karen-Wheeler/dp/1849530661/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_2
Genre: Non-Fiction - Travel Writing

I love travel writing. I always find it so motivating and inspiring. Plus it feeds my dreams of relocating to Tuscany for an extended stay. I also love France. This book satisfied quite a few of my urges plus a little bit of romance which I love. Karen Wheeler has a blog at http://www.toutsweet.net/. I don't want to spoil it but how the romance unfolds is written here and is a little sad...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10thousandgirl Episode 005 - Collaborative Consumption and the Entrepreneurial Journey with Lisa Fox of Open Shed

Just published a fabulous podcast interview with Lisa Fox of Open Shed on the 10thousandgirl blog. What Lisa discusses is well worth a listen if you're interested in the journey of an entrepreneur, starting a social business and the quite facinating area of collaborative consumption. Listen here

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

How To Build Your Savings

Another post I've written for 10thousandgirl. Saving can be a challenging idea to many, but when you break it down, it actually ain't that bad!
We all know that saving is a good thing but how many of us actually do it? Taking a little time to work out what you are saving for and what savings strategies work for you will pay off. Literally.

We’ve put together a simple 6 step process for helping to build your savings.

1. Having a motivating reason to save should be your number one thing to do.
People tend to save for two reasons:
  • To have a buffer/emergency fund;
  • To save towards a goal for later spending such as big ticket items or events like holidays, starting a business, house deposits and weddings.
Being clear on what you are saving for, and why that reason is important, will keep you more motivated. For example, I want to save for a house deposit so I can live in a place I call a home. Somewhere safe, cosy and a place I can entertain my friends and build my family life. Or, I want to save a certain amount of money so I can start the business I’ve been dreaming of. It means that I will be able to work flexible hours and give value to people.

2. Work out how much and by when.
Setting a savings goal. Come up with a specific amount. You need to be clear. Also, set a specified timeframe. Then break it down.

For example, I’d like to save $3000 for a holiday in September.  Which means I have 8 months to go. 3000/8=375 and I get paid fortnightly, so I would need to put aside $187.50 per pay.

Is the break down realistic? Use your budget to see how much you can save each pay. Remember, you don’t want to have it so tight that you are sacrificing too many things to achieve this amount.

3. Automate your savings
Once you have worked out how much you need to put aside, set up an automatic savings plan with your high interest savings account. One way of doing this is to set it up so it automatically takes out the $187.50 the day after you get paid. This takes the thinking out of building your savings.

There are also other ways you can save money in your everyday life. One of our 10thousandgirls suggested saving every $5 note you get. Or put some clear glass jars aside for your goal and add coins to it whenever you come home. Get on your bike and ride to work and save the bus fare. If you have other suggestions you’d like to share please do so on this blog post.

4. Spend less
Another thing to think about when you are building savings is spending less. This may be through shopping smartly, cutting down on luxuries and negotiating with your telecommunication and other suppliers. Our other topic of the month is smart shopping so look out for upcoming podcast and other resources around this.

5. Check in and keep track. Stay motivated.
Once you start the ball rolling, do a few things to help you stay on track and motivated. See your savings amount grow on a regular basis. Some high interest savings accounts have graphs that you can refer to see the amounts you have saved so far. It can be quite satisfying to watch the growth!

Also, regularly remind yourself of the reason you are saving for and the feelings you will experience when you get it. You could also share your goals with a trusted friend that will help keep you on track.

6. Enjoy and Celebrate.
Once you reach your goal, don’t forget to celebrate! This may take the form of a toast to yourself, a luxuriating bubble bath or that mani/pedi you’ve been putting off. Just make sure the celebration doesn’t cost you too much! And then enjoy the holiday/house hunting/fridge buying experience.

So, know what you are saving for and why, choose some strategies that work for you, keep yourself motivated and on track and then enjoy the result. And then celebrate away! Go get saving gals!

Photo Credit

All of the above are only suggestions. Please ensure you choose a strategy that is right for your situation and needs.

Arienne Gorlach is 10thousandgirl’s content manager. She has a few high interest savings accounts labelled with such exciting names as Holiday, Emergency Fund, Savvy Sassy She (the business she is starting) and General Savings (she has just realised she should make them less boring). And is a bit of a fan of setting up Automatic Savings Plans and then forgetting about them and then being really excited by the amount she has actually saved…

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ari Ari Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?

Whoopty-do-da-day! My garden is alive (my black thumb must be turning into a green one!) And might I say even thriving!

The lemon tree of love is growing new leaves
The basil, chives, parsley and coriander are growing higher and bushier
The flowers have survived and are shooting upwards
I've added a sunflower and some lavender and mint and chillis to the mix
The seeds have taken and are shooting up. I can't wait to see what they look like when they start to flower!

Just wanted to share a little bit of bloomin' happiness with you!

What are you nurturing and reaping the rewards from SSSs?

Make it as you wish!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Savvy Sassy She Manifesto

I've always wanted to create a manifesto. I love them. They give me inspiration and lift me when my mood is down. It is a bit of a framework to guide my life.

On my wall of inspiration I have the Lululemon Manifesto, The Holstee Manifesto, Goddess Leonie's How to Be A Goddess and the Hip Tranquil Chick Manifesto.

So, introducing The Savvy Sassy She Manifesto! I can't seem to upload it for download via the blog so if you would like a copy please feel free to email me (savvysassyshe@gmail.com) and I'll shoot a PDF version to you. Then you can print it out if you so wish!

If the pic is too small and you'd like to actually be able to ready what it says here it is:

Be You.
Define your ideal life and go about making it happen.
Get yourself inspired.
Feel the sunshine.
Review and plan regularly. Then prioritise and focus.
Be spontaneous.
Do things with enthusiasm. It makes a difference.
Give back.
Acknowledge and thank those who have helped you.
Trust in this moment. And in the future.
Celebrate and rejoice.
Write and dream in your journal.
Go natural.
Stop sleepwalking. Live on purpose.
Make time for you.
Improve all areas that are important to you.
Dream big. Take massive action to make them a reality.
Surprise people.
Make things your kind of beautiful.
Have a bucket list and start checking things off.
Nurture your strengths and talents.
Create memories.
Cherish loved ones.
Let go of things that don’t serve you.
Question the status quo.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Believe in yourself.
Breathe deeply.
Show up.
Listen, then respond.
Define success for yourself.
Surround yourself with things that make you beam.
Start traditions.
Stop beating yourself up.
Be grateful and appreciate the small and the big.
Take responsibility for your life.
Give compliments.
Approach everything with a creative flair.
Leverage your skills.
Add value to everything.
Connect with yourself.
Do the things that make you feel great. Without guilt.
Feel it, then let it go.
Laugh a lot. Laugh at yourself.
Care for others, but put yourself first.
Move your body.
Eat well, then indulge.
Sing loudly.
Reach out.
See the good.
Sip nourishing liquids. Green juice it up.
Be adventurous. Try new things.
Give things a chance.
Be passionate.

Friday, January 20, 2012

On My Bookshelf: Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow

Title: Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow: Discovering your right livelihood
Author: Marsha Sinetar
Website: http://www.amazon.com/What-Love-Money-Will-Follow/dp/0440501601
Genre: Non-Fiction - Career

This is an oldie but a goodie. And it is so aligned with what I believe. Do what you want - not what you feel you should in your life. I read this a few years ago when I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. Now I think it will be worth a second read with my new mindset!

Week in Review: 7 -20 Jan: Dumplings, Dogs and Dats

 Zander the vomiting dog

Charlie the vomiting cat
Doggie Date time with friend B & C - also spoke about writing books - yay!
Met with new friend Miss K who is a like minded action taker
Vomiting 20 year old cat Charlie (also known as the Queen of the house) to the vet for the first time in 18 or so years. She is okay, blood results came back fine. I think she is just getting old...
Helped Chinese friends work out logistics of moving into new place up the road
Interviewed Lisa Fox of Openshed for the 10thousandgirl podcast. Super girl and new friend
Picked Dad up from airport after he spent a few days in Perth
Interviewed the inspiring Sarah Lawless of the Blue Stockings Association for 10thousandgirl
Had lunch with dad and some of his cronies at the great Harbord Beach Hotel
Women as Entrepreneurs networking event. Great lot of young women
Started co-writing book with Miss Z. We were writing our book in a bookshop cafe :)
Spent hours....and hours in Ikea
Celebrated friends' engagment party. They put on a great bash!
Vomiting Zander to vet...got injection...no more vomiting...side effect of lumpy bumps on body.
Brunch with doggies and great friends S&D
Sick - what is it with my sick household at the moment?!
Dumpling lesson at mine by visiting chinese friend and dumpling maker extraordinaire! Poor woman had 10 of us watching and trying to help
Lunch with Miss L who is moving back to Melbourne - so sad...

How was your week SSSs?

Make it as you wish,
Arienne xo

How To Deal With Being Sick

Cough, sneeze, throbbing head, slow movements, low energy, foggy outlook... Many of us have experienced not feeling well - yukky, poo, bleh!!

I've been so proud of not being able to remember the last time I was sick that I was boasting about it to my sister over Christmas. Well, I'm learning to eat humble pie as I have come down with a cold. The annoying kind that has taken a couple of weeks to creep up and finally manifest. And the whole time I've just not quite felt myself. Have I said boo hoo yet?!

Talking to Miss Z the other day, she also believes,

I'm not a big one for taking medication unless I have to. I like to trust my body and its awesome immune system to do what it needs to do while supporting it as best I can.

Dos & Don'ts & How to deal with feeling unwell/sick
  1. Drink lots of liquids (mainly warm ones or at least room temperature!). Water, teas & fresh fruit/veg juice can go a long way (may be accompanied by frequent trips to the loo.)
  2. Take vitamins - a multi, vitamin C and zinc are great.
  3. Eat if you can. Soups, fresh fruit and veg. Even something bland like toast to fill the stomach.
  4. Don't be a martyr and suffer unnecessarily. Take something if you need to. Go see the doctor if necessary.
  5. Don't force yourself to go to work if you are really unwell. They don't want your germs and you need to rest.
  6. Rest. Sleep if you can. Or it is a great excuse to watch movies. Just relax, your body needs time to heal. Even though my body and mind are tired, there is only so much sleeping you can do while you're healing. I sometimes find easy activities to do that don't take up mental or physical energy much - knitting, sewing etc
  7. Stop worrying about what you should be doing. Even if you attempted to do them, you wouldn't be doing a good job of it anyway. Heal up quickly and then tackle them. It is rarely the end of the world.
  8. As above, stop feeling guilty for sitting on your arse or lying in your bed! You need some quiet time to recouperate so you can get back to what is important to you!
  9. Burn healing essential oils. Here is a great article on cold remedies using essential oils
  10. Get hugs from loved ones. Love goes a long way!
Any other remedies or suggestions that make you feel better when unwell? Please share them below!
Get better soon and get back to making it as you wish!
Arienne (cough) xo

    Saturday, January 7, 2012

    January 2012 Dreams/December Review

     My current vison/inspiration board

    Hello 2012! I think I'm in love with you already!

    1. Do a speech at toastmasters
    2. Attend the Farewell bash of Miss L
    3. Create website outline
    4. Interview 2 fab gals for 10thousandgirl
    5. Book flights for May/June Paris/Provence/Hungary holiday/art retreat tour
    6. Record Librivox chapter
    7. Complete free course 
    8. Publish the SSS Manifesto
    9. Celebrate at friend's engagement partay
    10. Savour 1st month being engaged :)
    11. Start writing 10thousandgirl book
    12. Create blog strategy and editorial routine (yes, putting the professional hat on!)
    13. Ensure I love my garden so my plants don't die!
    14. Vision, dream and create more for SSS - see vision board above!
    I went very well with my dreams for December and managed to complete most of the goals!

    1. Write review/reflection of the year piece for 10thousandgirl (and then do it myself!). I'm really excited to share this with you guys. - Done - I will share shortly!
    2. Celebrate a wonderful family christmas in Sydney (unfortunately minus the sister dearest in London) - Done - had a fabulous time
    3. Celebrate New Years Eve in Style with a delicious wine tasting extravaganza - Done
    4. Complete template of family tradition - Done - just have to fill out the Family Interview Questions
    5. Do first family recipe -  Done - lil sister and I documented Christmas recipes
    6. Create book outline for 10thousandgirl - Done - we've even worked out a writing schedule starting next week!
    7. Create book outline for SSS book (ooooh) - Have brainstormed sections but have decided to write 10thousandgirl book and SSS courses first
    8. Enjoy christmas celebrations (several lunches, picnics and work parties) -  Done and enjoyed!
    9. See Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre - Done - was super enjoyable and got front row seats!
    10. Look at a product that has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while - Postponed!
    11. Organise an easy to use Project information flow (i'm sick of all my bits of scrap paper and different notebooks) - Done!
    12. Volunteer and record a chapter for Librivox - free audiobooks! Done and have uploaded audio test
    13. Carry over from November - SSS email address, garden work, - Done garden work. Email address still to come

    What magic have you got in the works SSSs?
    Arienne xo

    Week in Review: 17 Dec - 6 Jan Family Festivities

     My new mini courtyard garden with flowers, seeds that I am hoping will flower, The Lemon Tree of Love and herbs! So much happiness and goodness in 4 pots (the ugly pot is hiding around the corner...)

    Semi-caught up with the times and got an iPhone 4
    Visited alcohol superstore Dan Murphy's to stock up on Xmas necessities :)
    Visited the new Ikea superstore (it was definitely a superstore week!)
    Went to the Library to cut costs and got DVDs and a Hungarian language course (so I can try to communicate with The Man's family when we visit in June this year - wish me luck)
    Shopping with little sister Tatiane for her year 12 ball dress (no luck)
    Trivia night
    Meeting about writing book with co-author
    Mum arrives!
    Post-airport lunch with family in the only dog-friendly pub I know
    Yum Cha (yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) in Chinatown
    Christmas shopping (on extreme budget)
    Hand crafted some calendars for Mum and Dad with pics of special times
    Mum bought me gorgeous dress (I wore it on Xmas Eve)
    Printed and created cardboard face cut outs of sister (and her boyfriend) that spent christmas in Europe (the enjoyed the meal and drinks as much as we did):
    Xmas dinner, amazing presents
    Watched Mission Impossible 4 (hilarious) and Tin Tin (entertaining) at the movies with fam
    Cultured it up at the Powerhouse museum
    BBQ at friend's house
    Finally bought some sweet treats from the delectable (in several ways) Adriano Zumbo's (no line for a change!)
    The Man popped THE Question....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Glebe Market fun in the rain
    The Man and I sat down and wrote our reflections of 2011 and plans for 2012
    Drafted SSS Manifesto (available for free download soon!)
    Worked on routines and habits for the new year
    Family friends from China arrived
    Went to a nursery and planted a garden and The Lemon Tree of Love in honour of our engagement- see pic above!
    Tidied the pantry (aren't I organised!)
    Recorded final audio test for Librivox. Ready to record my chapter!
    New Years Eve with family and friends. Cocktail competition (we came a tied 2nd with our invented Lushious concoction and win it in a minute games
    Lil sis and step-dad left :(
    Farewelled Miss C's brother with drinks
    Belated visit to beautician
    Mum and Dad left for Perth
    And did I mention The Man popped the Question??!!

    How have you kicked off 2012 SSSs?

    Make it as you wish SSSs!
    Arienne xo

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    Love Leads to a Ring...

    Over two years together. A puppy to splash our love on. 
    Business plans, travel dreams, snuggles, kisses, a home together, laughter, support.

    On the 28th December 2011, my love, The Man, asked me if I would like to bind my life even more with his.
    I said YES...

    I'm looking forward to experiencing our story as it unfolds...
    Love is in the air!!!!

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year SSSs!
    Get excited and get involved in 2012.
    Make it your year.
    Make it the year you finally did .....................!
    Make it memorable.

    I wish you every joy and happiness.
    Make those moments count.
    Laugh. Cry. Celebrate. Dream. Love.
    Be you and take steps to create a life that is more you!
    Make it as you wish!
    Love, Arienne

    My 2011 Highlights and Events

    My favourite moment of the year came on the 28th December when The Man asked me to be his wife
    So as part of my 2011 review I went through my organiser and picked out a few highlights and events of the year. It was a really great exercise to appreciate what I experienced and accomplished in the year and it also gave me hints as to what I want to achieve for 2012.
    *   At the chalet with family
    *   Flew premium economy
    *   Weekend away to Taree for Miss C's birthday
    *   Miss C living with us

    *   Joined Toastmasters
    *   Started raw food experiment
    *   Started exercise routine – Bootycamp

    *   UN Women’s Day Breakfast
    *   10thousandgirl Launch
    *   Spoke at government department
    *   Completed 3 weeks of raw food
    *   Fantastic friend's wedding at Port Macquarie
    *   Co-facilitated 10thousandgirl Life Planning workshop
    *   Dale Beaumont Seminar

    *   Dad arrives to stay!
    *   Decided to revamp my 10thousandgirl role

    *   Started Issey contract
    *   Co-facilitated Canberra 10thousandgirl Workshop
    *   30th birthday – dinner and Party
    *   Immigration Visa granted!
    *   Co-facilitated Sydney 10thousandgirl Workshop
    *   Did Joie de Vivre e-course

    *   Started content role with 10thousandgirl
    *   Third eye meditation workshop
    *   Went to Perth
    *   Theta Healing workshops – basic and advanced
    *   Did first 10thousandgirl podcast
    *   Reached goal weight - yay!

    *   Weekend away in the mountains with Lissanthea, Bryanna and Zoe
    *   Joined JCI
    *   Got Zander
    *   Bucket List Podcast included in Canadian textbook

    *   Weekend away at The Entrance to celebrate 2 year anniversary
    *   Decided to seriously focus on SSS
    *   Seminar – Kiyosaki, Robbins, Trump
    *   Aunty arrives
    *   Good friend has baby

    *   London trip
    *   Qantas strike

    *   One of my best friends has her baby
    *   Last steering committee meeting
    *   Facilitated Geelong 10thousandgirl Workshop
    *   T Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intenstive
    *   Started temp work at Notre Dame
    *   Decided to write book

    *   Family Christmas in Sydney (minus the sister Liane)
    *   Lil sister Tatiane visted for holidays
    *   Started family recipes and tradition
    *   Engagment!
    *   NYE at good friend's house with Family
    What were  your highlights SSSs? Why not go through your diary and pull out a summary of events and highlights that were in your 2011?

    Make it as you wish SSSs,
    Arienne xo
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