Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My 2011 Highlights and Events

My favourite moment of the year came on the 28th December when The Man asked me to be his wife
So as part of my 2011 review I went through my organiser and picked out a few highlights and events of the year. It was a really great exercise to appreciate what I experienced and accomplished in the year and it also gave me hints as to what I want to achieve for 2012.
*   At the chalet with family
*   Flew premium economy
*   Weekend away to Taree for Miss C's birthday
*   Miss C living with us

*   Joined Toastmasters
*   Started raw food experiment
*   Started exercise routine – Bootycamp

*   UN Women’s Day Breakfast
*   10thousandgirl Launch
*   Spoke at government department
*   Completed 3 weeks of raw food
*   Fantastic friend's wedding at Port Macquarie
*   Co-facilitated 10thousandgirl Life Planning workshop
*   Dale Beaumont Seminar

*   Dad arrives to stay!
*   Decided to revamp my 10thousandgirl role

*   Started Issey contract
*   Co-facilitated Canberra 10thousandgirl Workshop
*   30th birthday – dinner and Party
*   Immigration Visa granted!
*   Co-facilitated Sydney 10thousandgirl Workshop
*   Did Joie de Vivre e-course

*   Started content role with 10thousandgirl
*   Third eye meditation workshop
*   Went to Perth
*   Theta Healing workshops – basic and advanced
*   Did first 10thousandgirl podcast
*   Reached goal weight - yay!

*   Weekend away in the mountains with Lissanthea, Bryanna and Zoe
*   Joined JCI
*   Got Zander
*   Bucket List Podcast included in Canadian textbook

*   Weekend away at The Entrance to celebrate 2 year anniversary
*   Decided to seriously focus on SSS
*   Seminar – Kiyosaki, Robbins, Trump
*   Aunty arrives
*   Good friend has baby

*   London trip
*   Qantas strike

*   One of my best friends has her baby
*   Last steering committee meeting
*   Facilitated Geelong 10thousandgirl Workshop
*   T Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intenstive
*   Started temp work at Notre Dame
*   Decided to write book

*   Family Christmas in Sydney (minus the sister Liane)
*   Lil sister Tatiane visted for holidays
*   Started family recipes and tradition
*   Engagment!
*   NYE at good friend's house with Family
What were  your highlights SSSs? Why not go through your diary and pull out a summary of events and highlights that were in your 2011?

Make it as you wish SSSs,
Arienne xo

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  1. Love the pics Arienne, your blog is full of goodness and inspiration :) - Ida


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