Friday, January 20, 2012

How To Deal With Being Sick

Cough, sneeze, throbbing head, slow movements, low energy, foggy outlook... Many of us have experienced not feeling well - yukky, poo, bleh!!

I've been so proud of not being able to remember the last time I was sick that I was boasting about it to my sister over Christmas. Well, I'm learning to eat humble pie as I have come down with a cold. The annoying kind that has taken a couple of weeks to creep up and finally manifest. And the whole time I've just not quite felt myself. Have I said boo hoo yet?!

Talking to Miss Z the other day, she also believes,

I'm not a big one for taking medication unless I have to. I like to trust my body and its awesome immune system to do what it needs to do while supporting it as best I can.

Dos & Don'ts & How to deal with feeling unwell/sick
  1. Drink lots of liquids (mainly warm ones or at least room temperature!). Water, teas & fresh fruit/veg juice can go a long way (may be accompanied by frequent trips to the loo.)
  2. Take vitamins - a multi, vitamin C and zinc are great.
  3. Eat if you can. Soups, fresh fruit and veg. Even something bland like toast to fill the stomach.
  4. Don't be a martyr and suffer unnecessarily. Take something if you need to. Go see the doctor if necessary.
  5. Don't force yourself to go to work if you are really unwell. They don't want your germs and you need to rest.
  6. Rest. Sleep if you can. Or it is a great excuse to watch movies. Just relax, your body needs time to heal. Even though my body and mind are tired, there is only so much sleeping you can do while you're healing. I sometimes find easy activities to do that don't take up mental or physical energy much - knitting, sewing etc
  7. Stop worrying about what you should be doing. Even if you attempted to do them, you wouldn't be doing a good job of it anyway. Heal up quickly and then tackle them. It is rarely the end of the world.
  8. As above, stop feeling guilty for sitting on your arse or lying in your bed! You need some quiet time to recouperate so you can get back to what is important to you!
  9. Burn healing essential oils. Here is a great article on cold remedies using essential oils
  10. Get hugs from loved ones. Love goes a long way!
Any other remedies or suggestions that make you feel better when unwell? Please share them below!
Get better soon and get back to making it as you wish!
Arienne (cough) xo

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    1. Thanks for the tips. Just recently got hitched with a cold, and headache.


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