Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week in Review: 17 Dec - 6 Jan Family Festivities

 My new mini courtyard garden with flowers, seeds that I am hoping will flower, The Lemon Tree of Love and herbs! So much happiness and goodness in 4 pots (the ugly pot is hiding around the corner...)

Semi-caught up with the times and got an iPhone 4
Visited alcohol superstore Dan Murphy's to stock up on Xmas necessities :)
Visited the new Ikea superstore (it was definitely a superstore week!)
Went to the Library to cut costs and got DVDs and a Hungarian language course (so I can try to communicate with The Man's family when we visit in June this year - wish me luck)
Shopping with little sister Tatiane for her year 12 ball dress (no luck)
Trivia night
Meeting about writing book with co-author
Mum arrives!
Post-airport lunch with family in the only dog-friendly pub I know
Yum Cha (yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) in Chinatown
Christmas shopping (on extreme budget)
Hand crafted some calendars for Mum and Dad with pics of special times
Mum bought me gorgeous dress (I wore it on Xmas Eve)
Printed and created cardboard face cut outs of sister (and her boyfriend) that spent christmas in Europe (the enjoyed the meal and drinks as much as we did):
Xmas dinner, amazing presents
Watched Mission Impossible 4 (hilarious) and Tin Tin (entertaining) at the movies with fam
Cultured it up at the Powerhouse museum
BBQ at friend's house
Finally bought some sweet treats from the delectable (in several ways) Adriano Zumbo's (no line for a change!)
The Man popped THE Question....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Glebe Market fun in the rain
The Man and I sat down and wrote our reflections of 2011 and plans for 2012
Drafted SSS Manifesto (available for free download soon!)
Worked on routines and habits for the new year
Family friends from China arrived
Went to a nursery and planted a garden and The Lemon Tree of Love in honour of our engagement- see pic above!
Tidied the pantry (aren't I organised!)
Recorded final audio test for Librivox. Ready to record my chapter!
New Years Eve with family and friends. Cocktail competition (we came a tied 2nd with our invented Lushious concoction and win it in a minute games
Lil sis and step-dad left :(
Farewelled Miss C's brother with drinks
Belated visit to beautician
Mum and Dad left for Perth
And did I mention The Man popped the Question??!!

How have you kicked off 2012 SSSs?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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