Friday, January 20, 2012

Week in Review: 7 -20 Jan: Dumplings, Dogs and Dats

 Zander the vomiting dog

Charlie the vomiting cat
Doggie Date time with friend B & C - also spoke about writing books - yay!
Met with new friend Miss K who is a like minded action taker
Vomiting 20 year old cat Charlie (also known as the Queen of the house) to the vet for the first time in 18 or so years. She is okay, blood results came back fine. I think she is just getting old...
Helped Chinese friends work out logistics of moving into new place up the road
Interviewed Lisa Fox of Openshed for the 10thousandgirl podcast. Super girl and new friend
Picked Dad up from airport after he spent a few days in Perth
Interviewed the inspiring Sarah Lawless of the Blue Stockings Association for 10thousandgirl
Had lunch with dad and some of his cronies at the great Harbord Beach Hotel
Women as Entrepreneurs networking event. Great lot of young women
Started co-writing book with Miss Z. We were writing our book in a bookshop cafe :)
Spent hours....and hours in Ikea
Celebrated friends' engagment party. They put on a great bash!
Vomiting Zander to more vomiting...side effect of lumpy bumps on body.
Brunch with doggies and great friends S&D
Sick - what is it with my sick household at the moment?!
Dumpling lesson at mine by visiting chinese friend and dumpling maker extraordinaire! Poor woman had 10 of us watching and trying to help
Lunch with Miss L who is moving back to Melbourne - so sad...

How was your week SSSs?

Make it as you wish,
Arienne xo

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