Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 2012 Dreams/December Review

 My current vison/inspiration board

Hello 2012! I think I'm in love with you already!

  1. Do a speech at toastmasters
  2. Attend the Farewell bash of Miss L
  3. Create website outline
  4. Interview 2 fab gals for 10thousandgirl
  5. Book flights for May/June Paris/Provence/Hungary holiday/art retreat tour
  6. Record Librivox chapter
  7. Complete free course 
  8. Publish the SSS Manifesto
  9. Celebrate at friend's engagement partay
  10. Savour 1st month being engaged :)
  11. Start writing 10thousandgirl book
  12. Create blog strategy and editorial routine (yes, putting the professional hat on!)
  13. Ensure I love my garden so my plants don't die!
  14. Vision, dream and create more for SSS - see vision board above!
I went very well with my dreams for December and managed to complete most of the goals!

1. Write review/reflection of the year piece for 10thousandgirl (and then do it myself!). I'm really excited to share this with you guys. - Done - I will share shortly!
2. Celebrate a wonderful family christmas in Sydney (unfortunately minus the sister dearest in London) - Done - had a fabulous time
3. Celebrate New Years Eve in Style with a delicious wine tasting extravaganza - Done
4. Complete template of family tradition - Done - just have to fill out the Family Interview Questions
5. Do first family recipe -  Done - lil sister and I documented Christmas recipes
6. Create book outline for 10thousandgirl - Done - we've even worked out a writing schedule starting next week!
7. Create book outline for SSS book (ooooh) - Have brainstormed sections but have decided to write 10thousandgirl book and SSS courses first
8. Enjoy christmas celebrations (several lunches, picnics and work parties) -  Done and enjoyed!
9. See Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre - Done - was super enjoyable and got front row seats!
10. Look at a product that has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while - Postponed!
11. Organise an easy to use Project information flow (i'm sick of all my bits of scrap paper and different notebooks) - Done!
12. Volunteer and record a chapter for Librivox - free audiobooks! Done and have uploaded audio test
13. Carry over from November - SSS email address, garden work, - Done garden work. Email address still to come

What magic have you got in the works SSSs?
Arienne xo

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