Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2012 Dreams/April Review

Our Workshop!! To see it better go here

I'm trying to keep things simple and focussed for May... There is a lot of good stuff going on and in order to stem overwhelm I want to keep my priorities clear so when the many distractions come up I can filter them as required. At least that is my intention and as I have learned intention is a powerful thing!


  1. Running first workshop under Savvy Sassy She! May 20th and would love to see you there - it really is a practical life enhancing and life affirming day
  2. Prepare for month long trip in Europe
  3. Set intentions for Paris/Provence Art and Yoga retreat with someone I've wanted to meet for 5 years now - Kimberly Wilson!
  4. Celebrate my birthday :)
  5. Meet The Man's parents, friends and extended family!
  6. Design brief as below
  7. Activities for Hungary/Paris and accommodation
  8. Yoga 3x a week before trip
  9. Gifts as below
  10. Write plan for SSS 


  1. Enjoy family and friend time in Perth - Done! Enjoyed
  2. Run sales training for a business in Perth - Done! It was so good for me and I got great feedback
  3. Confirm the friends house/pet sitting for us in May - Yay, the wonderful Ms T and Mr S will be enjoying a month long retreat at our place complete with cat and dog!
  4. Yoga 3xweek until I go to Paris! - Not done! With all the movement/travel I didn't focus enough on this.
  5. Sister time in Sydney - it was wonderful. Spectacular. Now I miss her (sheds single tear)
  6. Graphic Design brief completed - Not done, it keeps hopping from list to list...
  7. Book flights for cousin's wedding in Singapore - Done! Singapore watch out early October
  8. Finalise Paris accommodation - Not done - another list hopper
  9. Celebrate Zander's first birthday on 8th April - Done! Celebrated with a lei
  10. Balance due for Art & Yoga retreat - Done! Paid!
  11. Plan activities for France/Hungary - Not done
  12. Start creating gifts for The Man's family and friends - Not done - better hurry up crafty hands
  13. SSS website - I have to do it!!!!! Well, I did a revamp, the other website is in the background at the moment
  14. Announce collaborative workshop dates - oh so excitement! Done! See pic above
What was a highlight of April for you?

Wake Up. Shake Up. Step Up your lives SSS!
Arienne xo
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