Friday, February 24, 2012

Weeks in Review: 11 - 24 Feb

Yummy Wine Bar and Indian Dinner Treats evening with galfriends (living the dream ;)
Heaps of yoga with yoga buddies
Garage sale planning
10thousandgirl love and work. Join us for a giant clothes swap on 4th March for International Women's Day
Went to Tyler Tolman's Live Healthy Be Happy seminar. The Man was super blown away by the info and it gave me a reminder kick up the butt around healthy eating
Romantic Scrabble Valentines evening (see photos above)
Saw classic film Breathless at the Art Gallery of NSW's Art After Hours
Got a haircut - finally!
Crowdfunding info night by Pozible. Amazingly interesting
Lunch with Dad and like-minded family friend. Let's save the world!
Vietnamese dinner with friends - yum!
Focus Group #2 & #3 completed. One to go!
Friend in town from London. Great group catchup. I managed to escape before it got too debaucherous!
Watched BBC's Sherlock. Love it
Celebrated birthday with little sister over the phone - wish I could have been there
Camping weekend planning - we're off today with doggy!
Lots of dreaming and planning re SSS...Ideas galore...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yoga With A View

Our friends Luca and Lidia are amazing people. After getting fed up of losing friends and loved ones to cancer, they decided to REALLY do something about it. Dedicating much of 2012 to fundraising towards cancer research, they have been hard at work organising events around Sydney and Italy.

One of the most mindblowing upcoming events is their Tour of Italy -  running 20 marathons in 29 days in each region of their country of origin. To support them in any way you can please visit Outrun Cancer.

A few weekends ago, they organised Yoga with a View. It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Cremorne Point full of nourishing outdoor yoga, fresh juices and yummy food. They ended up raising $700 toward the cause.

Does this get you thinking about the little things you could do to give back to a cause that is important to you?

Make it as you wish SSSs,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So we finally christened the pool with rubber ducky, Zander, delicious cocktails, Justin Timberlake and watermelon. Sydney weather hasn't really been cooperative with warm, outdoorsy activities but we managed to jump in for a few minutes before it got too cold!

Zander enjoyed his 'beach' perch :)

Looking forward to a few more dips in the pool and hope the weather supports us!

Make it as you wish SSS!
Arienne xo

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Take On Love

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Fall in love with yourself a little bit more.
Love yourself first. Love yourself well. Love the whole of yourself. Then reach out and give that real love to others.

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Everyone is worthy of being loved.
There is enough love to go around. It is not finite. It is abundant.

Found On

Love does not equate to that one, grand, one-off event. It can be seen and felt in the small everyday actions and words we give each other.
Surprise the ones you love with little gestures and unusual ways.

Found On

Love that is true is constant. It is not dependent on situation or circumstance.
Love that is real is freely given. It is not asked for or coerced.
Take the time to understand how the other understands love and strive to give it to them in a form they understand.

Found On
Who you love cannot, and should not, be dictated by others.
Love must be nurtured. It can take effort. Make it worth it.

Love yourself. Love each other.

Make it as you wish SSSs
Arienne xo 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Connecting With Others

Humans are generally social creatures who need connection, seek interaction and want to be part of something they can add value or receive value from. While some parts of society are becoming more individualistic with smaller household sizes and two-seater cars, others are actively seeking community.
Live Your Life Well says research into the benefits of social connection include:
  • Increased happiness. In one compelling study, a key difference between very happy people and less-happy people was good relationships.
  • Better health. Loneliness was associated with a higher risk of high blood pressure in a recent study of older people.
  • A longer life. People with strong social and community ties were two to three times less likely to die during a 9-year study.
Those are pretty good reasons for reaching out aren’t they?

Some of us want to connect deeper with our existing networks, some want to make new connections and  some of us want both!

Connecting deeper with people you know
Like the tip of the newsletter this month, instigate a few things to make those important relationships stronger. Here are a few ideas – feel free to add more in the comments box below.

Conversation starters
Host a dinner party or a picnic and have some conversation starters at the ready. Find yourself discussing topics, ideas, and opinions you may not be as familiar with and learn more about your friends. Here are some conversation starters to kick off with or there are cute ones available at Kikki-K.

Start a new tradition
Get a group of friends together and do a Come Dine With Me/My Kitchen Rules competition. Do a monthly Cheese and Wine night. Make a list of suburbs you want to check out more in depth and visit a new one every month. Start a bookclub or a GIG. The options are endless!

Buddy up
Exercise together. Try new recipes in the kitchen. Do your grocery shopping as a team. Do what you might normally do solo with another person.

Try new activities together
Wanted to try archery, bowling, knitting or white water rafting? Get a group and have a laugh.

Make time to connect with those you really want to
Schedule phone calls or skype dates with friends or family interstate or overseas on a regular basis. It is so easy for time to fly by, make sure you are in touch with those that you appreciate.

Making new connections
Sometimes we want to expand our social network to connect with others that have an interest or we’ve moved to a new place where we’d like to meet new friends. Here are some ideas to connect you with fresh minds.

Join a club
You could join a club associated with an interest you have. A running club, a book club, a speaking club.

Enrol in a class
Looking at learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby? Find a language or crafting class and meet like minds. You will hopefully be able to find something suitable close to you.

Get a dog
Since getting my pooch I’ve met a heap of people out and about in the parks of Sydney. My partner has even started playing golf with another puppy-papa and I’ve started meeting some great people, I might otherwise not have come across, to share biz ideas, discuss the world and share insights with.

Attend events
There are some great websites that have listings of activities to do or events to attend. They are free to join and the events themselves are often they are free (some may have a nominal free to partake in the activity). Two interesting ones I’ve come across are:

Connect online
A friend of mine has made some really wonderful connections on Twitter, building a relationship online then taking it offline. Same as connecting on peoples blogs – leaving comments on posts or sending emails to the writer over something they’ve written that invoked a response in you – let them know!

Here is a great article to help make those connections – 10 Tips for Connecting With Others.

Any other suggestions? What have you decided to do to connect deeper with others?

Arienne Gorlach is 10thousandgirl’s Content Manager. She loves connecting with minds that are inspired about life and searching to make their everyday something fun and fab (and that accept there are some yukky days too!). She actively seeks connections with people from all walks of life. She also blogs at

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week in Review: 4 - 10 Feb - Reaching Out

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I have had a fabulous week of reaching out to others and others reaching out to me as well. Connections are so important. It really is one of the 'cherry-on-the-top's of life! We are social creatures that crave support and truly connecting with others (interacting with others balanced with some solo time is especially sweet!).

A huge thank you to Ms J for sending me a wonderful email in support of what SSS does for her and to Ms S for feeling like she could reach out and ask for guidance. Both of you have reassured me that doing what I am doing is making a difference - heaps of gratitude to you ladies.

I've also sent emails to a couple of women who are doing some spectacular things in their lives. Three of them are people I have met through friends and had little conversations with, it was little nerve-wracking to actually send them an email and suggest meeting up to connect further. But I received favourable responses from all of them and am teeing up mutually workable times. So, Yay! Fabulous women unite :)

This week has been all over the place, some really great things happened like the above and some really bleh experiences happened too (but they were mostly within me so I managed to move through them and onwards pretty quickly!).

Prepped for my first focus group
Ran first focus group! It was a fabulous few hours and I got SO many insights! Thanks gals :)
Organising 4 more focus groups and shot off the emails and the wonderful RSVPs are coming through! (email me if you're in Sydney and would like to join in!)
Attended Yoga with a View event - they raised $700 towards cancer prevention research
Got into our backyard 'pool' for the first time :) Cocktails and watermelon in the sunshine - looking forward to more of the same!
Supported the first Free 10thousandgirl Webinar as moderator - a success! Next one is on the 22nd Feb. Click here to register.
Wrote more SSS aligned blog posts including How To Review Your Year, My Life & Passion,
Had a fabulous reading done by Dionne Paige
Did the Word of the Day role with Toastmasters with the word Schadenfreude (the joy experienced at the misfortune of others - I know, not very me!)
Have to find an extra night of accomodation in Paris now as flights have changed to Hungary
Entered a comp to co-host a small biz radio show as a one-off. Fingers crossed!
Had accountibility check in. So useful!
Friend Ms K arrived to stay for a couple of weeks

How has your week been? Feel free to share in the comments below (would love to see who is reading this!!!)

Make it as you wish SSS!
Arienne xo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to: Review Your Year and Create the 12 Months Ahead

Sometimes we charge through the year. Time flies and we can't even remember what we did last week let alone last month.

We're on automatic pilot just doing, doing, doing.

Running from one to-do to the next. Meeting deadlines. Scrambling around last minute for things.
Sure, there may have been some fun holidays, great dinners with friends, nights out (that you, ahem, may not remember) and you went to that gym class. But then you realise that the year has passed and you didn't achieve x, y OR z.

And what the hell was this year about anyway? What did you really do?

Sound familiar? Feel familiar? Imagine going through the rest of your life like this - Not clear on what was good or bad. Not having the highlights jump out at you. Not seeing the lessons so you could make it better the next time round. Not really reaching or achieving anything that is important to you.

Icky isn't it!

One of our favourite concepts at 10thousandgirl is that you spend time planning a party, a house renovation, a garage sale, your shopping list and the wedding, but how much time do you spend planning your life?

It is simple to change but it takes effort...

Bringing some attention to what you have achieved! Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing something. Review the events, highlights and lessons learned in the previous 12 months. This can be done at any time - not just at the end of the year.

Then create priorities and intentions for the year. Focus on what is important. Set goals. Put plans in place to reach them. Have fun. Celebrate milestones. Then look forward to reviewing the year with a greater sense of satisfaction and joy.

To help you do this Zoe Lamont and I put together (drum roll please!):

The Little Book of Year In Year Out Goodness!
Download the Free Review Your Year and Create the 12 Months Ahead Workbook

It's a series of fun exercises to help you gain clarity and purpose around the year ahead after processing the reflections from the past 12 months. The booklet covers areas such as:
     Reviewing the events and highlights of 2011;
     Collating in one place the things you are grateful for;
     Building or amending your bucket list;
     Reassessing your goals and creating new ones for the upcoming year;
     Setting your intention and priorities for 2012;

Here’s to a 2011 that taught us a lot and to a 2012 that will be packed with whatever you want it to be!

Print it out and brainstorm away - follow the exercise, fill in the blanks.

Make it what you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Passion. My Inspiration. My Life. My Path.

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago. It was total stream of consciousness coming out so it took me a little while to make it make sense! But here it is...
Okay, I'll admit it, I've had a pretty bad week. And I feel a little like I'm bearing part of my soul so be kind lovely readers!

I had a major freak out about my finances after paying for my much planned for flight to Europe to attend my dream of a lifetime art and yoga retreat in Paris and Provence and to meet The Man (aka my Fiance)'s family in Hungary.

Not having a regular income has taken its toll on my savings and finances. I have put many great financial and savings strategies in place, but coming back to basics - having some form of income helps (what a surprise!!!). I've known for a little while I would need to pay attention to this and now is the time!

Sometimes going through a 'freak out' (for want of a much better term) helps you pay attention to what is important. And it can take something big to really motivate you to change or make something a priority.

So I'm doing something about it. I'm putting a plan in place to bridge the gap between where I am now and where I want to be. I'm also reconciling my emotions around it - trying to stop beating myself up about what I should/could have done differently income-wise and appreciating the massive steps I've taken to create the life I want.

Savvy Sassy She is all about working out how to live a life that is how you wish it to be. To question the 'shoulds' in your life and consciously create what you truly want and need. And to do this with sparkly bits and tools and fun and laughter and a great community along the way. I am no expert (but I hope to bring you some experts in different parts of life in the future) and my experience is a journey too. A journey to create what I see my life as being and all the up and down experiences along the way that get me closer to that vision.

After a wonderful and much needed discussion with my mother (thanks mama!!) I brought everything back to why I have chosen this life for myself. We all have bad days, but bringing our attention to the reason why we've made certain choices can help us understand and put things in perspective. The choice in the short run may have not-so-nice consequences, but in the bigger picture that choice is right and is helping to bring you in the right direction.

Why I am choosing to follow my passions and dreams and create a life and a lifestyle around it....

Working in the family biz didn't work for me. Working full time in a university didn't work for me. After 4 years of the SSS idea plodding along in the background I decided to make a go of it. Who knows if it will be as successful (though I'm working my arse of to make it so). It may be a massive learning curve, but I'm willing to give it my all. To decide to make it happen. To not chicken out. To not have a Plan B to show the universe I am serious.

This is important enough to go through some ups and downs for. Making a difference in women's lives. Waking women up to see how they can make their lives work. Empowering them with information, view points, perspectives, systems, tools, inspiration and like minds? Yes, it is worth it. It is important enough. I refuse to be on my deathbed looking back at my life saying "I wish I had given SSS a go. I wish I could have seen if it made an impact." (ooooh, even writing that gives me the heebie jeebies).

I love being able to design my day though I miss structured routine.
I love having a say in my priorities and carrying them out.
I love getting in contact with women's real hearts and minds.
I love doing what I love everyday.

This is My Passion. My Inspiration. My Life. My Path.

This inspiration link from the fav came at the right time!

PS - any paid part time job suggestions/offers?! ;)

Making it as I wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in Review: 28 Jan - 3 Feb

Lotsa Zander Time! (pictured with Monkey)

Sister date on Skype
Watch the Men & Women's Australian Open Final (missing the tennis already)
Worked on new sales workshop
Family lunch at the pub
Started with the Goddess Circle
Friend date out for dinner
Got coffee machine on sale :) Thanks Mum!
Booked camping trip for me, The Man and The Dog
Lots of SSSs work. Lots!
Lots of juicy, juicy ideas for SSS...Excited.
Worked down by the Bay in a beautiful office in nature
Started recording Librivox story - about half way through!
Asked everyone to like my Savvy Sassy She Facebook Page - thank you all!
Focus group planning for tomorrow :)
Started watching Game of Thrones - dangerous distraction!
Helped prep upcoming Free 10thousandgirl Webinar
Started creating Weebly website, opened Hootsuite account, signed up with Mailchimp for newsletters.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

On My Bookshelf: The Happiness Project

Title: The Happiness Project
Author: Gretchen Ruben
Genre: Non-Ficition - Inspiration

This got my juices flowing. Taking time to understand what makes us happy and what makes us unhappy. Then seeing how we can play with the everyday to create more happiness. My whole life is a happiness project!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strength & Surrender

In yoga class the other day, two beautiful words floated into my mind and I grabbed them:


After a few years of emotional struggling I have built much more inner strength. Strength in myself, strength in my life, strength in my beliefs, strength in what my purpose is. 

I now bless that struggle because it has brought me to this place. A new place of wonder and of excitement and empowerment that I can make a difference to others and that I can make a difference to myself.

Yes I still have bad days and I still have my struggles, but now I am sure that I can come out the other side. I trust that I am creative enough, that I am resourceful enough, that I am true to myself enough, and I have a great support system. 

I trust I am worthy, loved and blessed. Who told me that? Well, the most important person did - ME.

So much of this process was a massive learning to stop resisting things. And stop setting up expectations

I now do everything I can towards something and then I surrender. Surrendering takes strength. It is not about giving up yourself, your goals or your power. It is surrendering to the flow.

I surrender to bad days. Then they pass quicker.
I surrender to those emotional rollercoasters. Then they pass quicker.
I surrender to letting go of expectations. They're not important anymore and then life is easier.
I surrender to the universe to help support me in the right direction.

One of my favourite quotations is "What you resist persists". So do that thing, feel that feeling, learn that lesson and then let go - release it and progress.

I still fight for things I believe in, I still go after things that require effort. I still strive towards achieving what is important to me. There are still mistakes and forehead slaps. But I try to go with it.

Knowing when to fight and when to surrender takes strength - I'm building that muscle (and I've come a long way!).

Are you with me? 

have strength then surrender...

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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