Saturday, May 4, 2013

My May 2013 Dreams

This month is mostly about business dreams. I've already warned The Man and a few friends that I'll be pretty much in lockdown for the next 30 days. I've got a crap load of things to do for my diary/planner business.

You really have no idea what is involved until you venture into this area of production and distribution etc first-hand! But I'm truly excited. I've written a post over on Life is Crafted about how I'm kinda freaking out but at the same time knowing this is what I have to do...I love that The Man is going to be stepping up everything he already does around the house (which is heaps!) to look after me, little Zander-dog and the Charlie-Cat. Love you and thank you babe :)

I'm planning to be gentle on myself and not have too many expectations because I'll be head down bum up for most of May...

Celebrate my 32nd birthday - in a totally low key fashion this year!
Long overdue Archery session for friend's engagement present (no apples to be involved)
Get the car repaired (cracked windscreens and aircon that has a choice between off or full blast)
Make Christmas decisions
Attend real food picnic
New branding and logo for this site (maybe new website!)
Starting some facilitation training
Meet with accountant and discuss sexy biz stuff
Complete BSchool (life changing!). If you haven't already, check out Marie Forleo
Masterminding with new gal pal mistressminders
Prep for launch of new Life is Crafted range (seriously a gazillion things to do)
New LIC shopping cart
Introduce new products for LIC.
(I could go into numerous subcategories of this but I don't want to bore you...)
Start back at yoga...because it's been waaaaaaaaayyyy too infrequent...
Celebrate friend's engagement - Long overdue catch up!
Awesome Ms Y suggested a snail mail letter chain between 4 of us childhood friends that are spread out all over the place - US, Perth, Melbourne and me in Sydney - LOVE IT!

How are you adventuring into the Month ahead? Share one of your May dreams below and we can all cheer you on!

Make it as you wish Adventuress,
Arienne xo

Shoutout Sister Saturday: Zoe Lamont

Today's 'shoutout to a sister' is to my dear Zoe Lamont. Passionate about social change she's founded financial literacy organisation for women around Australia to make finance more fun. Zoe has also co-founded bringing financial cornerstones and life planning into the workplace.

A raucous laugh and an unflinching belief in the goodness of people, Zoe sprinkles fun and positive change wherever she goes. I even quoted her in one of my Life is Crafted Planners 'Give first, love first and then watch the magic happen.'

I've done my first Audioboo (or as I now like to call it, AudioYAY) - which is just a small audio snippet if you like to hear instead of read. which you can hear below :)

Do you know a woman (personally or through their reputations!) with an amazing biz, product or story? Give them and their page a shoutout below in the Facebook post comments. I'll be doing this each week so we can all discover new and new-to-us people and ideas.

Go on over to the page now and add someone who deserves a shoutout!

Make it as you wish.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Minute Trips: Gratitude

So much is coming together in my life lately. I know it is the result of the hard-ass work I've done in my inner world and the actions I have taken in the outer world but it is all still freaking AMAZING!

Amidst the cray-cray-craziness (and scariness) of some of the things I'm doing, I've had a FLOOD of wonderful things happen - from making connections with people I'll be working with in the future to money showing up out of nowhere; from people wanting to work with me to a whole bunch of peeps subscribing to my newsletter that I had no idea about; from scoring a role that will help high school student connect with entrepreneurship and make a positive impact in the world to positive reactions to my reaching out to others.

So, pack your bags Adventureess, in today's ten minute trip, I'd love for you to join in to the love-fest. Ignore for a moment some of the yukky stuff that is going on in your life and write down a list of things you are grateful for. Make that list as long as you can and just keep writing for 10 minutes!

Start with some of the obvious things you may have going on - great partner, loving mother, money in the bank.

Then look around you and see the little physical things in your life that you love - your hardworking laptop, your favourite pen, the gorgeous colour of your nailpolish.

Think about actions that have happened over the last few days - a smile you got from a stranger, one of your girlfriends calling up to say hi, your puppy waking you up with a lick to the face (and doggy breath).

Then think about the stuff we often over look - clean water, freedom to get educated, the feel on sunshine on your skin.

Just write.
You can't do this incorrectly.
Write from your heart.
Let these things put a smile on your face.
Love the crap out of all that is good.

Maybe you want to introduce this to your everyday. I love writing a few things down on my gratitude list each morning or evening. I often repeat things. Sometimes I cry from the gratitude I feel (those that know me well probably think it is more than sometimes...).

I have a lot of special things in my life. I bet you do too, maybe you just weren't as aware of all of them before....

Make it as you wish Adventuress!
Arienne xo
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