Friday, January 14, 2011

Week in Review 8-14 January 2011

I already feel that by doing this week in review I'm going to realise even more how quickly the time is flying by! But I also think that by bringing my awareness there I'll be able to make more of the time available.

So, I arrived home in Sydney yesterday morning and I'm feeling very gung-ho about being home and bringing my plans and creativity from the holiday back with me.

So, my week in review, the last week of being on holiday in Switzerland! I managed to have a very productive time, basically doing a lot of internal work. And I managed to lose a day travelling back from Europe.
  • Lovely father bonding time. Watched more wintersports with Dad.
  • Worked more on blog
  • Became an IT nerd and fixed my step Dad's laptop...well, just tried really
  • Visited the Thermal Park near the chalet. Swam in amazing sulphur baths. Warm water outside in the freezing cold - very cool
  • Family drove to to the Airport in Geneva. Had a wonderful last lunch together.
  • A little bit of shopping at Heathrow - I love bookstores
  • Flew Premium Economy (very nice - great seats and service)
  • Reunited with the man. Went and had a lovely date night at a nearby Italian Restaurant
I'm officially starting back at work on Monday and looking forward to a weekend of creativity and getting myself settled back at home.

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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