Friday, January 28, 2011

I miss Switzerland and my Family

Photo by me. From the Chalet's Balcony at an ungodly hour of the morning

Well, sometimes coming back to reality is a little hard. I had such a great time over the Christmas and New Year break with the family and being able to be productive at my own pace, that coming back to the speed of real life has been a little hard.

I've had a great time seeing The Man and reconnecting with friends, but as I received an email from my sister and pulled some clothes out of the suitcase and smelled the Chalet, I wished I was back there... It made me 'homesick' and I'd have given almost everything to transport myself across the world again.

It also sometimes hits me how much I miss my family. I've lived in a different city to all my family members for close to 8 years. And the way my family is set up, I've lived apart from at least one of my immediate family members for most of my life. And this Christmas, all of us, Mum, Dad, Step-Dad (friendly even after divorce many years ago) and my two sisters were together. It was truly great and I guess I just miss them.

But I guess that's what makes these times special. Family-filled, carefree holidays and a slower pace. It makes you appreciate and make the most of those times when you have them. It also makes you look at what you're doing in your normal everyday and see what you can bring into to make it more like those relaxed sessions.

Right now, sitting down and giving myself the time to write this has slowed me down a little. And it's coming back to me, how okay I am to be right here on my couch in Sydney and that they're all really just a Skype away.

Make it as you wish SSSs
Arienne xo

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