Saturday, January 29, 2011

February Dreams/January Review

So, what is this picture about? We associate stars with dreams and goals. Not quite sure why, but its a pretty pic huh?!

Anyway, with the start of the year behind me and returning to Sydney to start the year off properly I have to say I didn't do as well with my January Dreams and new habits as I would have liked.

I wrote in my January Dreams post about a few things that that I wanted to implement for 2011 that would enhance my year. I've been on and off with them during this month... What I wanted to do was:
  • Take a photo every day of the year
  • Have a one sentence journal for 365 days of the year that I have on my computer desk top
  • Write my morning pages in my diary
  • Do my monthly dreams and review
  • Write a week in review
I've been pretty good with the last two, however the first three are happening in fits and bursts. But that is also better than nothing!

My dreams for January were:
1. Find a personal trainer that is aligned, motivational and educational; POSTPONED
2. Enjoy a girly weekend away for Chloe’s birthday - DONE but we had an amazing couple's weekend away instead, it was magical
3. Cut down on cigarettes - IN PROGESS - some days are better than others.
4. Get my goals for 2011 written down and action plans created - SEMI-DONE I've done it for the main ones regarding my health
5. Create a vision board for 2011 - NOT DONE yet...
6. Streamline my office systems – files and desk space - NOT DONE yet...
7. Confirm routines and put in organiser - DONE
8. Implement routine - DONE but I need to maintain!
9. Enjoy rest of holiday with family in Switzerland - DONE and awesome it was
10. Start putting together the new family tradition of individual’s questions and photos for the year - IN PROGRESS - so I've started, but not furthered it yet
11. Include vision pictures in organiser - DONE - but for January only. I've ripped out the picture for February, but not stuck it in yet
12. Enjoy flying premium economy London to Sydney - DONE - how can I go back to economy?!
13. Decide of personal insurances and start implementing financial plan
14. Create a workable budget for 2011

So my dreams for next month:
  1. Attend my first Toastmaster's meeting
  2. Organise the first Steering Committee meeting for 2011
  3. Start my one month trial on Raw Food (more on this to come!)
  4. Celebrate an authentic Valentine's Day
  5. Attend Dale Beaumont Seminar
  6. Maintain daily routine for 5 straight days
  7. Get on top of my finances - receipts, bills, budget
  8. Sort through paperwork in office
  9. Tackle the upstairs bookshelf - clean out the old magazines and work books
  10. Dream with The Man about our shared future and put down some tangible joint goals
Well that's it for the moment.

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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