Friday, January 7, 2011

Start Here! SSSs Areas of Life

I'm constantly coming up with different ways to break our lives into areas so we can have a clear overview of what to pay attention to. It may not be all encompassing, but I think it captures most of the important parts of our lives. It may need to be rejigged for different people, but I've created 13 different areas.

I've then decided to break the different blog labels into these 13 different areas. At least for the moment. Who knows, I might rejig it once a better system is made clear to me!

The 13 areas in no real order are:
  1. Physical Health - diet, exercise, hydration, vitamins, checkups
  2. Emotional Health - stress, meditation, sleep, emotions, self confidence
  3. Self Care - beauty regimes, hair, makeup, style, fashion
  4. Relationships: Partner - love, dating
  5. Relationships: Family - parents, siblings, extended family, traditions
  6. Relationships: Friends - BFFs, socialising
  7. Finance - budgeting, savings, investments, spendings, net worth
  8. Professional - entrepreneur, path, career
  9. Giving - volunteering, donating
  10. Spiritual - gratitude, rituals, the universe/source/god
  11. Surroundings - home, car, clutter
  12. Interest & Activities - hobbies, travel, reading, crafting
  13. Personal Development - books, habits, courses, creating confidence
If I've left out an area or if you need any clarification let me know at savvysassyshe[at]gmail[dot]com.

Out of this, I've created a 1 A4 page that summarises what I want to do in each of these areas for 2011. I put a picture of myself on the page as well to envision myself doing it. Then I print it out and put it on the wall above my desk as well as in my organiser that I refer to all the time. Look at it everyday to ensure you're staying on track and that all your actions are bringing you somehow closer to them.

I've posted this below - sorry the formatting is all squiff!!:

My Major Objective for 2011:

Master my Health

My Life Purpose:

To Build Confidence and Inspire In Others Positive Actions in Style

My Action Question:

In How Many Ways can I Continue to Build Confidence and Inspire Positive Action in Others?

My Master Skill:

Taking action and the Cycle of Completion

Physical Health

Exercise 5x week

Breathe Freely by March

Plan my meals 1x week

Massage 1x fortnight

Emotional Health

Write daily in my morning pages to work thru things

Stop and breathe regularly – 2x day

Self Care

Have a pamper session 1x month

Regular Hair, Nails, Beautician upkeep


Automate my systems

Implement my financial plan

Live & track a workable budget


Embrace activities out of my comfort zone and learn

Deal with things once

Be confident in my decisions and activities

Be a great manager


Give regular microloans

Give time, energy and attention to what/who is in front of me


Proactively give gratitude 2x day

Maintain open communication

Practice compassion

Interests and Activities

Artist’s Date 1x fortnight

Plan & save next European Adventure by September

Spend time in artistic creativity 1x fortnight

Adventure away 4x year


Declutter 5mins/day

Start collecting inspiring & beautiful things around

Stay organised

Clean car properly every quarter

Relationships – Partner

Have a date night 1x week

discuss thoughts and feelings 1x week

Really celebrate occasions

Relationships – Family

Have a Sissy Skype catchup 1x month

Call and email Dad 1x fortnight

Call mum 1x month
Have family dinner 1x week

Relationships – Friends

Plan interesting activities 4x year

Be in contact with distant friends 1x month via phone or email esp. for occasions

Personal Development

Read 1x book a month

Create happiness project



Complete tasks

Put things away

Track and Measure

365 day journal

Photo a day

Schedule in Organiser

Make it as you wish SSSs!

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