Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week in Review 1-7 January 2011

Well, even though I'm on a lovely holiday in Switzerland, I'm still taking the time to work on a few things. After all it was the end of 2010 and the start of 2011 and what a time to take some action to plan and dream for the year ahead after reflecting on 2010.

I heard somewhere recently (from John DeMartini I think) that when you find the work you love your vocation and vacation become the same thing. I'm not quite there as I'm not making any money from this, but I'm doing what I love and I am on holiday! Perhaps one day in the future I'll be able to do this while getting an income...Dream dream dream!

So the highlights from the last week have been:
  • Bringing in the new year with family and friends at my favourite place in the world, Chalet Edelweiss. We watched music flash backs, Dad set off fireworks and we sat around wearing funny hats - a la Dad (above)
  • Popped over to France for Lunch in Chatel. Yummy Steak Tartare (yes, its raw meat with a raw egg among other ingredients)!
  • Worked on my 101 List. Then thought I should also do an 'Already Done' list to appreciate what I've done, where i've seen, what I've experienced to date. I'll post it when I have 101 things on it (up to around 75 or so now).
  • Wrote and posted my January Dreams
  • Drafted the Newsletter for 10thousandgirl, including my personal blog post
  • Went to visit the neighbours at Chalet Jasmin for a drink and a catch up
  • Spoke to The Man on Skype
  • Spoke to Chloe on Skype
  • Finally put my photo up to accompany my bio for work. Its not my quote there - I've got to find a good one!
  • Got the little sister Gooby to dye my hair so I don't look so 'wise
  • Attended a Webinar - the first half was interesting, the second half a little salesy so I won't post who it was
  • Finally caught up on some paperwork which I'd been dragging my feet on - gosh it felt great to complete!
  • Created my Ideal Routine that I'll take a pic of and post about
  • Ate...a lot...It's hard when your Dad was a chef. We've all got cheese babies for stomachs...
  • Created "My Life in 2011" A4 summary page
  • Finished my review of 2010 and finished answering all the Reverb10 prompts. Eye-opening and one of the most powerful activities I've done.
Well, there is my first formal Week in Review!

Make it as you wish SSSs!

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