Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Dreams

A new year, a new start! I know we can reinvent ourselves any time we want, but new years seems like such a great new start!

I’m in Switzerland again and taking the opportunity of the relative peacefulness to reorganise myself. It’s been wonderful not having a real time limit on sorting myself out!

The pictures above are a bit of a snapshot of my time here – lovely friends and family and beautiful surroundings of a winter wonderland:
  • Friends and sisters in a Swiss Winter Wonderland
  • Winter Wonderland
  • The fireplace and christmas decorations at the chalet
  • Me in red with the polka dot milk jug I adore
I’ve done some wonderful things that I feel really good about so far:
  • I did a really comprehensive 2010 review with my top 20, doing the Reverb10 questions and a few more general questions.
  • I’ve been working on my 101 bucket list
  • Working on different goal areas of my life and focussing on health and relationships as my main two areas for 2011.
  • Looked at routines to ensure I’m keeping myself on track towards the important things in my life.

And I thought I would start with the Monthly dreams and review again. And there are a few ways that I want to capture my year and activities. Doing my 2010 review really made me see that I didn’t have an easy way to collect the important things of my year, so perhaps rather challengingly I’ve decided to have:
  • Take a photo every day of the year
  • Have a one sentence journal for 365 days of the year that I have on my computer desk top
  • Write my morning pages in my diary
  • Do my monthly dreams and review
  • Write a week in review

My dreams for January are:
1. Find a personal trainer that is aligned, motivational and educational;
2. Enjoy a girly weekend away for Chloe’s birthday
3. Cut down on cigarettes
4. Get my goals for 2011 written down and action plans created
5. Create a vision board for 2011
6. Streamline my office systems – files and desk space
7. Confirm routines and put in organiser
8. Implement routine
9. Enjoy rest of holiday with family in Switzerland
10. Start putting together the new family tradition of individual’s questions and photos for the year
11. Include vision pictures in organiser
12. Enjoy flying premium economy London to Sydney
13. Decide of personal insurances and start implementing financial plan
14. Create a workable budget for 2011

Happy January!
Make it as you wish

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