Saturday, January 8, 2011

6 People I Really Can't Live Without

Tatiane on the Left and Liane on the Right

And I'm going past things like air and water... These are important people that I love, that inspire and make my heart sing. And okay, it's more than 6 people, but you get the point.
  1. My Sisters - they are hands down the best sisters in the world. We're attuned and in sync and always there for each other even though the three of us live in different parts of the world - currently Perth (Tatiane, aka Gooby), Switzerland (Liane, aka Nunny) and Sydney (me, aka Sissy). We annoy our parents when we're together because we laugh too much and talk at a million miles per hour and they can't keep up.
  2. My Parents - Love, support, guidance, food and occasionally money and a place to stay (after all that's what parents are for right?!). My parents blow my mind at times. They've each done so much and I am in awe of them sometimes. I also sometimes get frustrated, but that's normal...
  3. The Man - oh to love and be loved and all those little things that you do and say to each other beyond other people's hearing. The precious bond you share that no one else can experience. He makes my heart sing and melt and soar.
  4. My Besties - they are near and far, but worth so much. The laughter, support, tears, shenanigans, adventures, just being. Fabulous ladies.
  5. Charlie the Cat - 20 years old and still going strong. She makes me stop during my day and just be. She meows annoyingly sometimes at 6am for food, but I love her so. She has lifted my spirit so many times over the last 5 years we've been sharing a home in Sydney (I exported her from the family in Perth). Though she does tend to sleep a lot with her tongue hanging out. Cute!
6. The Inspirers - those around me that show me what is possible. That do things differently, that motivate me and guide me. Those that I know and mentors that I've only met through their blogs and programs from afar. You nurture my growth.I give thanks for having so many of these amazing people in my life

Who are the people you can't live without?

Make it as you wish SSSs!

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