Monday, January 24, 2011

Things happening in the Universe: Synchronicity

We often hear the theories and the cliches floating around and even rolling off our own tongues. You've heard them: 'Things happen for a reason.", "Put it out there.", "Something good will come out of this.", or variations of these phrases.

I'm still working out what my personal experience with this is, though I do believe there is something to it. There is magic happening out there. From big things to small things.

One thing that showed me this was what came together last week. If you've been following this blog, you'll know I spent early January dreaming and planning my year, including my 101 list.

I included a few things on the list that had to do with public speaking - speaking to an important audience, receiving a standing ovation and joining Toastmasters. Now, I do realise some of these may be far off, but they are on my radar. I also appreciate that while I enjoy public speaking and have done some pretty good presentations (on a small scale...well, they were presenting assignments at university...) it is a craft/skill I would like to hone to become even better.

So, on Monday last week I wrote an email to the closest Toastmasters chapter asking when their next meeting was. I got a nice reply the following day and have booked it in my diary for the 9th February.

Tick. First step towards honing my presentation skills (for that important audience and standing ovation) and towards checking off one of the smaller things on my 101 list, done.

Next. Wednesday, I receive an email from a government department saying they are arranging an event to celebrate International Women's Day in March. Basically, would my boss be interested in speaking about herself and 10thousandgirl? Basically, well, yes she would. And, am I the Arienne from the recent 10thousandgirl blog post? Yes, that is I, did you read it? Yes, the government representative said, I have, it was very interesting and perhaps you would be interested in sharing your story too? (thoughts going on in my head: what???? me??? WTF?? When is that Toastmaster's meeting again???? Woohoo!!! Argh!!! Scary!! Yippee!! are they sure?? me??)

So, in the end, together with my awesome boss, I will be speaking for about 10-15 minutes to about 60 people in March. It's probably not a forum for a standing ovation, or a massive audience but it's a start! Woop woop :)

Have an idea, but actively work towards it. Commit to the goal and take action. Then things will happen and fall into place.

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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