Monday, January 24, 2011

Week in Review 15-24 January 2011: Friends and Fitness

Old Bar Beach - Photo by me!

For you detail noticers, yes, my week in review has extended to more than 7 days, but I was too busy living to blog on Friday, and I had a really nice weekend, and who says I need to have rules!

And I think it's nice to give the week a bit of a name, rather than just a relatively anonymous date, so Week in Review 15-24 January 2011: Friends and Fitness it is!

  • Started back at work with 10thousandgirl. Was a little hard to be locked to a desk, so I worked on the couch too.
  • Signed up for an ongoing Power Vinyasa Yoga membership
  • Went to Yoga x2
  • Went Swimming
  • Rejoined Sparkpeople, for things health and motivation related and printed a meal plan
  • Shopped and prepared food for meal plan - did it for 4.5 days (then went nuts at BFF's C's birthday dinner and our weekend away)
  • Lost 1.5 kg thanks to the above!
  • Packed for the weekend away using my awesome brown leather medicine bag mum gave me for christmas (and that I lovingly and awkwardly hand carried back from Europe)
  • Had a wax at the beautician, my normal girl wasn't available. I never complain, and I called the beautician to let them know that it was shoddy work! It was hard to say something negative, but I thought that it was a clear case of letting them know so they can make the experience better for others.
  • Lovely evening out for BFF C's birthday dinner.
  • Drove up to Taree for our lovely weekend away. Stayed in a wonderful cottage. Magical down time playing games, relaxing in the sun, eating fresh food, drinking delicious cocktails. Visited Black Head Beach, a lovely meal in Forster
Make it as you wish SSSs!

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