Friday, October 11, 2013

Weeks in Review: 28 September - 11 October 2013 - Learning, Leaning & Designing

Me & Dr. Demartini

So my dears, it has been quite a productive fortnight! I guess that is what happens when you have tight deadlines and are away from your computer for a few days...


  • Engagement party for friends and drop it at friend's birthday - we were spreading our cold germs everywhere - haha, no I don't actually think we were that contagious any more!
  • Mass kindle book download fest - now to prioritise the readings!
  • Lots of airport pick ups and drop offs - I think I could drive there and back in my sleep!
  • Helped dad navigate the fun of German Embassy bureaucracy...
  • Wrote Monthly Dreams post
  • Wrote Goodbye Shiny Distractions post
  • Post office visits and errands galore
  • Booked park for wedding
  • Had discussion with fabulous new website designer
  • Did my month in review and month planning - i LOVE planning!
  • Catch up with lovely friend to organise a collaboration
  • New Zealand trip to do a Demartini course - Master Life Planning (i told you i LOVE planning!)
  • Catch up with friend and LifeTyped business partner Kirsten (aka the KB in KBAG) at the Viaduct in Auckland)
  • I love travelling with mum :) We got to sit in the Qantas Lounge and sip french champagne (well, I did, mum doesn't drink - I got dad's german drinking genes.)
  • Wonderful catch up over Thai with Mrs T & Mr S and their little bump :)
  • Bought new laptop! Now I just have to set it all up...
  • Coaching sessions
  • Catch up with coaching buddies
  • Created timetable for Pilates friend :)
  • Online shopping for my biz needs
  • Printing discussions
  • Lots of new planner product creation for Life is Crafted!
I love this hat and I've not worn it for ages - bit of a weird pic with my eyes, but hey...the focus is on the hat


  • BBQ catch up with friends
  • Lots of proofing of planner products
  • New website progress
  • Lovely dinner with The Man if he's lucky ;)
How about you Adventuress? What was your highlight of the week and what are you looking forward to the next few days?


  1. and I love my Pilates timetable!!! Thank you so much. I love being you Pilates friend haha xxxxx

  2. You should post your website Ash - I didn't have it on hand - can't wait to hear about how the challenge is going :)


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