Friday, November 4, 2011

Week in Review: 29 Oct - 4 Nov Flying High

My little sister Tatiane with our Luggage

 Fresh juice helping me start of my day

Well this week has really been taken up by traveling - preparing, packing, flying, sleeping, unpacking, reorganising...

Flight home losing a day in the process
On flight movie marathon including Transformers 3, Priest, Love Wedding Marriage & Mad Men 
Read and fell in love with The Creative License by Danny Gregory
On hold with Qantas to find alternative to cancelled London-Sydney flight (success with Qantas transferring me to a Thai Airways flight, getting home around the same time as originally scheduled)
Celebrating Halloween London style
Quality time with family and Zander
Started 'On My Bookshelf' tag
Created new email address to capture all the newsletters I sign up to
Had my first juice to restart a fabulous habit
Cleared up my overloaded work desk ready for a fresh start
Caught up with fab friends Miss C and Mr M last night (I made it past 10pm! Take that jetlag)
Wonderful walks and park play with Zander
Enjoying delicious meals with made with love by Dad (Tom Kha Gai & Gazpacho & Singapore Curry - YUM!)
Spoke with favourite friend US-based Ms Y who is about to pop with their first child - a much needed and amazing reconnect (yay skype)
Fawned over new SSS business cards (I've used an online template but had to start somewhere!)
Ate fav foods - Som Tam and Mango stick rice @ Bangkok airport en route home

What have you achieved this week big and small?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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