Saturday, September 24, 2011

Inbox Overload Craziness

So when my email inbox was getting up to 2400 unread messages and the emails that I wanted to read from friends and family were getting lost, and worse yet, unseen and unresponded to, I knew I had to do something.

Well, I'm still in the process of doing it. Many of you are probably way ahead of me on this front!! I'm trawling through my emails and working out what is worth keeping and what I should unsubscribe from.

Then I'm going to be opening a new email account and using that for all the sign ups etc and keep my private one for the important emails (banking, flights and of course the people I really want to be in contact with!).

On a side note, is it only me or are we getting less personal emails because so much communication happens through facebook? Or am I just getting unpopular?!

Any tips or suggestions?

Make it as you wish SSSs!

PS this post is for you Bartek, I felt guilty about not posting something... :) 


  1. Hey Arienne,
    I have separated my email accounts too (personal (family and friends - this is the fun email to look at) vs subscriptions (mailing lists, statements etc). In the subscriptions one, I have created a rule and folder for what I call 'almost junk' - it sends things like those daily deals, entertainment news or other things I don't want to always read through in detail... and if I choose to, I can just delete all when that folder gets full, and I don't worry about missing something important. :)
    Marie D :)

  2. You are a smart cookie Miss Marie and have such great ideas about things - you should share your wonderful knowledge more often! That is a great way to go about it - I'm working on it
    :) x

  3. Two posts in one weekend, and just when I was looking for something to read.... well done!

  4. Thanks Bartek! Ive shared your blog with Andras too. Hope you enjoyed even though you're not my 'target market' ;)


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