Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From the Senses To the Mind To the Heart

Ears are wonderful things. Eyes are wonderful things. The mind is a wonderful thing.  And the reason? Well, because they are all tools that can help us expand, pull us upwards and grow.

Of course it is helpful to have the clips to listen to via the ears and the items to read via the eyes to process and enlarge our lives with! Like so many things we are exposed to on a daily basis, it is important to look at the quality of what we are allowing into our space and attention.

Just like we may become more conscious of avoiding negative inputs such as the news, we can also start to look at exposing ourselves to more uplifting, educational and inspirational ideas.

For me, doing this makes a world of difference. If I’m feeling a little off or unmotivated, reading one of my favourite blogs can make me laugh or inspire me to get back on track. When I am doing some mundane chore I normally have my iPod in or my laptop playing some podcast or audiobook (that is not me in the accompanying pic though). I love, love, LOVE audiobooks and podcasts (did I manage to stress my love for them enough??).  I think it satisfies the multi-tasker in me.

Podcasts to Listen To
There are a huge range of entertaining, informative, educational and inspirational things to listen to depending on what your interests are. Here are some ideas (and some of my favourites!):

The 10thousandgirl Campaign (surprise!): 1othousandgirl’s series of podcast interviews
Money Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips For A Richer Life: While it is an American podcast with US references, it still has some great tips
The mind opening TED talks are available for download
A Vampire Story (for those of you who are missing Twilight)
Hamish & Andy: A barrel of laughs from the Radio duo
Tranquility Du Jour (my absolute inspirational favourite!!): One tranquility seeker’s sparkly lifestyle musings 
Working in Heels: Discussion of issues related to women in business 
herBusiness: Insights for women in business 
SocialInvest: Interviews with figures throughout the social investment and the civil society sector
iTunes University: This is something pretty amazing. Free lectures and seminars from universities around the world including Yale and Harvard

And of course the Savvy Sassy She Podcast!

When to Listen
There are a myriad of times when listening to a podcast or audiobook will add to your stimulation in the moment. These include:

Doing mundane tasks
Walking the dog
I’m sure there are lots of other times you can come up with! Share with us in the comments section.

How To
If you want to know a little more about how podcasts work and how you can use iTunes to access them visit:

So where can you find podcasts and audiobooks from?
The local library! There is normally an audiobook section in the library that you can borrow from.

MP3 play such as an iPod or your phone with a fab pair of headphones 
Your computer

If you’re already an enthusiast – share your favourites with us! If you’re a podcast or audiobook newbie, come and discover the new way of devouring content. And enjoy!

Arienne Gorlach is the content manager with the 10thousandgirl Campaign and can sometimes be a bit of a bookworm (okay, a total bookworm)…

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