Sunday, September 25, 2011

What the Leap is About!

I hate it when people are vague and unforthcoming when they post about something going on in their lives (maybe I'm just nosey...) so dear readers, I apologise if that is the way I have been with my 'Taking the Leap' post or any others that have slipped through the cracks. Sometimes you're just not clear and ready to share and therefore can't even put into words the goings on of the mind. That's what has been happening in my world.

Things have been happening, but I've just not been able to sort through them. But now I have some clearer direction and, thanks to a dear friend, have managed to put them into a plan with timeframes and everything (pat on the back me!).

So, I've quit the other day job (still loving my part time 10thousandgirl duties) and am getting ready to launch into the next chapter of my professional life. Yes, I'm putting it out there and sharing it with the world even though it's not all concrete yet. That's faith and trust (and perhaps a little bit of accountability) isn't it?!

I've decided to push forth (with a lot of help from the Universe pushing and prodding me in that direction until I couldn't help but pay attention) with creating the Savvy Sassy She venture. To start crafting what it will become. To see if I can put this passion I have for young women creating a fabulous life for themselves in a fun, supportive community. To do what I love everyday. I have ideas, I have dreams, I have a vision but I'm going to be testing it with young women I know to see if it's what you really want.

I want to add value. I'm surprised by how passionately I hold that premise of adding value to people's lives. I've been to a few seminars lately, where people are on stage showing others how to make money, but have been greatly disappointed by the 'product' they are spruiking. So often, it is not adding value to the world. I mean, do we need crap websites selling something that is already out there adding to the junk that is floating around in this world, just to make someone money? Oh, I could go on and on about how dirty that makes me feel... Lucky for you I won't. But with this reaction I have, it has shown me that I feel really strongly that in everything we do we should be adding some positive value.

Yes, I believe that money is important. But it is important so that we have real choices and freedoms to live our lives with. To be able to look after the things that are important to us. To fund the ideas, projects, loves that we want in our lives. So that we don't need to stress about where the next meal is coming from. So that we can spend quality time with quality people doing quality things rather than having to work in a job we dislike. Life is too short. Sure we may have to do things we don't enjoy in the short term in order to gain more in the longer term, but seeing the big picture is important so we can try to enjoy those shorter term actions.

Phew, well I just had to express that!

So, anyway, I may be asking questions and putting out surveys and I would love if you could get involved! Let me know what you want, what you need, how you would like to be involved in creating a life where you're moving forward in different areas. There may be things i haven't even thought about that are important to you. Reach out and let me know - through my email or on a comment.

I'd appreciate it from the bottom of my value adding heart!

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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