Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Making The Leap

For years the Universe has been pushing and prodding me in a certain direction and while I have taken some heed of it, I've made the changes half-heartedly.

Always with one foot still in the status quo. In the 'safety' of what is 'normal' or what I 'should' be doing. But that safety never lasted long. Things keep rearing up and slapping me in the face to show me that I can't stay that way. They make me so uncomfortable that I can't help but do something drastic.

I have to stand up, take a deep breath and leap into what is authentic for me.

I know when I do that, the Way, the Path, will show up. When I am committed to my authentic direction, the Universe will help me.

So I am walking to that cliff edge, knowing the 'what' but not exactly knowing the 'how'.

I trust that the how will show up.

So come with me as my tentative steps become determined strides.

Let's jump!

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