Monday, November 14, 2011

My Picture Wall

It had been in my mind and in the works for months. I was just waiting for the time and inspiration to hit. Well that motivation came out of the blue on a Sunday evening!

I have some very neglected, boring walls at home. Ones that I have felt guilty about leaving empty.

Part of it was that I couldn't decide what to commit to hanging there - so I made the choice of not making a choice.

The other part was that I felt I didn't have the time to spend on beautifying my surroundings (though I know it is something that gives me pleasure). Other things tugging at me were more important - and so that wall remained empty for years...

After a while I decided to change my perspective. I thought that doing something on this blank wall was better than doing nothing. Every time I was looking in that direction (which is often because it is right next to my work desk and the kitchen/dining area) that guilt effected me - this decision to not do anything was actually costing me a lot of energy.

So I decided to create a picture wall. I put some time aside to choose photos to put up. I changed them all to black and white. I went to get them printed out. I started a collection of different frames.

And then they sat in the cupboard...

Why was I resisting?

Then I noticed a pattern. I often don't do some of these smaller household tasks because I feel I will make the wrong decision so I ultimately don't do anything (and maybe this pattern was even invading other aspects of my life...?). I reflected on this and made an empowering choice. I didn't need to commit to one thing forever. I could always change it if it wasn't 'right' or didn't turn out especially good. I just needed to do something!

And so I have! And I am so happy :)

This was the boring, energy draining wall before

 I started to put the pics in frames.

I came up with a rough layout on the table.

 Then started hanging them with those removable hooks

 This is the less boring wall!

 Ignore the mess around it!

So now this wall gives me pleasure. It makes the room feel more 'homely'. It is energising. I can see pics of my loved ones. It looks pretty! And I know that my creativity built it.

What are you putting off that is a subtle but constant energy drain? Make a decision, take some action and plug that leak! You will feel better for it.

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo


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