Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week in Review 19 - 25 Nov: Working Lessons Hmmm

Well my dears, I have (temporarily) returned to the world of the office. To earn some extra funds towards the end of the year I've taken on a casual admin job. I've been there since Wednesday and it was only supposed to be for a week and a half. They've asked if I can extend to mid December and I have accepted.
This process has already taught me a few things. The main one being that I have already shifted my mindset from that of an employee to that of an Entrepreneur. It has been quite difficult to not be in control of my time and organising my own priorities. But I know this is only a short term thing so I have taken a deep breath.

The people are lovely and I am being very efficient in my tasks. So I feel productive and that I am contributing to the end result. It has also been nice to receive praise on the job I am doing (that is something that doesn't happen so often when you work for yourself!). So while I'm there I am doing what I can for them, in the best way I know how. 

But I have to admit I'm looking forward to being my own boss again!

Here is my week in review:

Went to World Toilet Day party where we had a fun time and $914 was raised towards sanitation in developing countries. Unfortunately we didn't stay long enough to pay the $1 to use the toilet...
Completed T Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive course
Installed Zander's new doggie door
Miss C came over for an impromptu catch up
Received email from Mum that she fell over while visiting Macchu Picchu and has a fracture in her leg (she's ok!)
Wrote insurance post for 10thousandgirl
Started a casual temp work position in an office (gasp!)
Accepted extension of said position...
Took minutes for a meeting...Not my strongest skill
Had a date night with The Man
Cancelled a Vodaphone mobile broadband account I wasn't using
Minimised my iPad data account to only what I use
Browsed a bookshop to gauage ideas
Committed publically to writing two books (more to come)
Attended fun Christmas party at a Greek restaurant (smashing plates and all!)
Celebrated my Aunt's last night in Sydney with an Indian feast

How about you? What did you attempt, complete, attend to this week?

Make it as you wish SSSs,
Arienne xo

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