Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love Books

I keep reading some amazing books and then forgetting the names and authors. So I've decided to create a special place on my blog where I can share those that have touched me and are worth a read (in my opinion at least - I'm not a literary booksnob!). Welcome to On My Bookshelf.

I believe books can change your life.
I believe books can teach you alot.
I believe books are a powerful medium.
I believe books can take us on adventures.
I believe books can be a delightful escape.
I believe books can inspire.
I believe books expand your vocabulary.
I also believe there are many crap books out there that don't add any value. But that's up to you! I used to have to finish every book I started. Now I believe that life is too short and there are so many great ones out there.

So I encourage you to read. Find out what you like. Test drive different genres - even if you really think you might not like them - you may be surprised (hello science fiction and fantasy!). Read fiction and non-fiction. Read inspiring biographies, how-to books, classics, cheesy romance, mystery, self-help, cook books. Enjoy them :) and share the ones that stand out. You can get a heap of free books on the Amazon Kindle store and the iTunes bookshop to help with your test drive (and the apps are free too.)

Make a list of books you want to read and make your way through them. Whenever I'm perusing a bookshop (or an online bookstore) I make a note in my phone for future reading so I don't get too overwhelmed with the books I physically have that I've not read yet (though that pile by my bed and on my Kindle app is pretty large).

I have a book problem. I don't spend my money on much anymore except for books (and stationary, craft goods and homeware...) but it is an addiction. A relatively healthy one though. I just need to get through them all and put into action what will help me!

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