Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unexpected Adventures

So, as I'm writing this I've been on hold with Qantas for an hour. Why have I chosen to spend my Sunday doing something so exciting? Well, as most of you know I've spent the last 3.5 weeks here in London have a good ol' time with my sisters and having a bit of a holiday.

While I'm having a lot of fun and enjoying being a Londoner for a month (I am now a tube expert), I'm also missing The Man and the little love of our lives (who has reportedly put on 2kg) Zander Bander the puppy.

So when I found out that Qantas had grounded its fleet indefinitely in retaliation to the striking groups that are effecting them, I was of two minds. 'Yay!' that I may spend a couple days longer than expected here and 'Boo!' that it would be a longer time away from my other loved ones.

Now that has turned into a bit of frustration that I've spent so long trying to get hold of Qantas to see what my options are, ran out of credit after an hour on hold in the middle of the night and now spending my Sunday morning glued to my laptop while Skype is on hold with me.

I'd just like to know what is going on so I can rearrange myself as required. I've just seen that they've booked me on a flight on the 13th of NOVEMBER! Another two weeks away. Which is why I'm on hold (yes, it has now been 1 hour and 15 minutes!).

I'm grateful that I am luckier than most as I've got my sister here and I don't have one of those pesky things called jobs that most people have to go back to (another benefit of being an entrepreneur!). But I didn't plan on being away for 6 weeks and I do have some meetings and deadlines and a workshop I'm running on the 13th November and some other responsibilities!

Whichever way it works out will be okay. I'm glad I'm not panicking and every occurrence has an opportunity that comes out of it. There is no use getting overly stressed over something you don't have much control over. See the potential that can come out of it (on a side note, I just read a fantastic book called Flipside - about finding the opportunities in life amidst trauma or bad things happening - I highly recommend it)

For me that is spending more time with my sister, catching up with a few other London based people, perhaps still getting over to Ireland, having more time for inspiration in a new place and working on a few projects without the distractions of working from home. I'd really like to be home in a few days though.

Now, Qantas, I'd really appreciate if you would prioritise people that are in the midst of their trip and away from home. And I would be super grateful if you could answer my call. It has now been 1.5 hours and you're eating up my Skype credit...

Wish me luck lovelies. I'm going to make it as I wish.
Arienne xo

Update: After being on hold for two hours the lovely Victoria from Qantas managed to get me the last seat on a Thai Airways flight tonight and I'll arrive home on Tuesday only one hour later than originally scheduled!

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