Sunday, October 30, 2011

Travel in Your Own Style

I have been having an absolutely marvellous time in London. A month is a great amount of time to see things and to immerse yourself in the culture at a slower pace than a 4-day tourist rush around town. It totally suits me better because I'm not a great tourist: You mean I have to wait for an hour or more in that queue to see x??!! Well, I'd rather sit in a cafe and watch the locals go by...

When you go on holiday, work out an itinerary that suits you and your traveling style. I prefer to have a few things scheduled in and then allow for spontaneity to fill in the rest of the time. You never know when you will stumble over a gem of a suggestion from someone you've just met or find a hidden treasure that you've found at the end of a pretty alley way. And it just feels so wrong for me to rush from monument to statue to other attraction, spend 10 minutes there then, tick them off the checklist.

I think organised tours have their place - especially when you don't have the luxury of much time - but I prefer to go at my own pace. I also like to sleep in accommodation that has less than 6-12 strangers in close proximity. I prefer having a place booked before I arrive somewhere. I'm not spontaneous or brave enough to find somewhere on arrival! But that is just me...

It is really important to understand what you want and need out of your travels. Set your intentions for your trip and organise yourself in a way that will make your travels as comfortable and as authentic to you as possible. Consider who you're traveling with and make sure your expectations are similar.

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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