Thursday, October 6, 2011

Movies galore and jetlag

We've arrived safe and happy in London Town and this is what jet lag looks like at 4.30am.

Flights were good and easy and I did watch a lot of movies. Was great to meet the little sis at Singapore airport and continue together on the last leg.

Plus it's so much easier to sleep when you can comfortably drape yourself over the person sitting next to you!

So far we've had fun finding our way around tube stations with luggage, been warmly welcomed by Liane's flatmates (she's only arriving back from the states today - the slacker absentee from the welcoming committee), had breakfast at a local cafe, shopped for food at Tescos and Marks & Spencer food, and went to a local pub for a pint. And sleep, lots of it!

Today may see us visiting the Borough Markets, doing a bit of clothes shopping (which is quite urgent as I only brought two outfits with me with the intention of getting a new wardrobe) and being the welcoming committee for Liane (before presenting her with the mountain of australian branded peanut butter, maple syrup and toothpaste we brought along).

Make it as you wish SSS!

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