Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Toast What?

So, Toastmasters...not quite this:
 Getting a little closer...:
 That's what I'm talking about! Toastmasters - the public speaking type!
A little while ago I wrote this post on synchronicity in relation to a series of events about public speaking (phew, almost wrote pubic speaking...I know you've got an image in your mind right now...)

Anyway, I read somewhere that people fear public speaking more than they fear death. Interesting... While my skills are okay with orating to an audience, I don't do it very often and I get really, really, really nervous before hand. If I know my topic really, really, really, well, it is okay (not superb), but if I don't I go a little blank. Plus I feel I ummm and ahhh and stumble over my words a lot.

So I'm heading to my local Toastmasters' meeting tonight to see what it's all about. Supposedly you should attend a few different localities to see which one you really gel with. I'm wondering who goes to these things? Will I be in a room full of awkward social misfits? Will they be...old? Or will they be lovely people who like to talk? Elderly? Young? Interesting? Passionate? I really don't know what to expect! So I go with bated breath (I am actually really looking forward to it) and I will update this post with how it goes. Wish me luck!

Update: It was great! There were a heap of newbies. All around their late 20s-30s. There were a few older people who have spent many years involved. Welcoming, warm. I even got up and did an impromtu one minute speech and they will help with the Big Speech coming up. I'm going back. So once a fortnight I'll be attending. Yay! And not a slice of bread in sight.

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