Friday, February 4, 2011

Arienne Loves...TiLT

In the tradition of Gala Darling's Thing i Love Thursdays (TiLT), here are the things that have made me smile recently...

<3 Spontaneous dinners with friends - prawns and oysters YUM! <3 The Man giving me the last portion of his favourite meal <3 Bumping into friends you've been thinking about unexpectedly <3 My home created organiser <3 Finding a table to create my Love Altar on after months of searching <3 The amazing view from a city building over Sydney Harbour <3 Being called an Angel by my boss <3 Realising there are actually people reading my blog (I love you guys - known and unknown) <3 Social Entrepreneurs and their amazing-ness <3 Photos from the recent weekend in Taree <3 Take two of Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Workshop during waking hours in Oz - yay (update: I just realised I totally got the time wrong. But am now watching the recording - double yay!) <3 Ice cream home delivered by my cousin <3 The can do women of 10thousandgirl - love love love motivated and inspired girls taking action <3 The on-going cat war at home between Charlie and Merlot - it's funny. Really. <3 Finding my inner fantasy reader nerd and enjoying Percy Jackson books - feel free to laugh <3 Starting to get psyched about being a guinea pig for BFF C's Raw Food Diet month <3

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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