Sunday, February 13, 2011

Arienne Loves...Plants, Stationary, Red Lips

 Once upon a time there was a girl who came down the stairs...

 And noticed how she hadn't been very good with the herbs outside. And that the empty pot plants really was a sad state of affairs.

 So she visited the magical lands of the Bunnings nursery and found some greenery to brighten up her queendom. A maiden-hair fern graced her trolley.
 As did the purplish green fronds of a rhoedo (she has no idea if that is the actual name of the plant) that now lives in the realm of the kitchen.

Followed by the nuggets of sparkling chilli pieces growing on the branches of the regal chilli tree.

And then after the girl was done in the nursery she visited the Kingdom of Myers and went to the Dior counter and splurged on a tube of red lipstick that is changing her life.

 Then while the inspiration was flowing she walked into the Realm of Typo and purchased some stationary that helps her keep her Queendom in order.

 Then she kept seeing hot air balloons everywhere and she is thinking about instating this as the official form of transport in her Queendom.
And then she just fell in love with this wall sticker and used a gift voucher she received from her old work to purchase it. Now she just needs to put it up on her wall.

And they all lived happily ever after with beautiful plants, stationary, red lips and an elegant wall adornment.


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