Sunday, February 20, 2011

Raw Food Challenge Day #4, 5 & 6: Onwards and...upwards?

Well I've been a little slow in the updates, but here are three days rolled into one post. Why not?

Friday there wasn't too much to talk about health wise. My arms were super sore from boxing, but I guess that is expected. Lucky for me The Man is good at rubbing Tiger Balm into my back for tingly soothing. Total hightlight of my day.

Saturday saw me venture to the Organic & Farmers Market at the Orange Grove School grounds. There are some great stalls there and if you hunt around a little you can find some bargains. The other great thing is shopping for seasonal fruit and veg and enjoying what is meant to be eaten now (though I really did want cucumbers and nobody had them...).

Sunday started with a lovely juice. I weighed myself and pH'd myself. Oooh, is it possible after all this to go backwards in acidity?? I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that the scales and the pH levels hadn't moved too well in the right direction. Though I'm not beating myself up about it. It is only day #6 and maybe I had one too many gazpachos for the acidity? And this is really for better overall health, and I am noticing some things changing. I'm feeling a little more energetic and something in my body is feeling pretty good. Though it hasn't been leaps and bounds.

I bought Kris Carr's book Crazy Sexy Diet on Kindle to read on my iPhone as it is not available in Australia until April or something this year! I've just read a few chapters and the way she writes is inspirational and motivating, so I am reading it at the right time.

It is opening my eyes to different perspectives on food. Better health in general is really quite straight forward. Even if we don't practice it, we all know that it is about healthy eating and exercise. When you really look in depth at food it is quite fascinating. and learning and understanding where your food comes from should be a necessity for everyone. I think we are often so unconscious about what we put in our mouths that a little bit of focus and attention on these areas is important. Just so we can create informed choices, and perhaps if we choose meats and eggs, choose the ones that are better for us, for the animals and for the environment. I think The Man might think I'm becoming this crazy food activist from all the discussion I was having with him in the car, but rest assured I don't think I am. At least not yet...I would still like to have a juicy steak and some cheese...but perhaps I would now want it as organic beef and goat cheese.

Anyway Sunday then progressed to having brunch with a lovely friend of mine Miss S. About Life is a great place to go for Raw Food and healthy options. They are probably one of the only places in Sydney that I've found that are offering Raw options on their menu. Poor BFF C went to get some take out from Raw place she'd found online last night and was very disappointed with the food and the pricing :( I had a wonderful Bircher museli made from nuts with fruit salad and a big green juice.

I'd been warned that weekends can be a bit trying as you're not always as busy as you are during the week. It wasn't too bad, though today has been a little bit harder as I've given myself some time to relax and read, but my mind keeps wandering to the fridge (and I've just been given a bowl of rockmelon and some kiwi/banana 'ice cream' - who am I to say no?!).

So it's almost been a week, only three to go...But I am feeling better than I was a week ago! How much better will I be after another week? Heaps? yeah, bring it on :)

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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