Friday, February 25, 2011

Raw Food Challenge Days #7-11: Can you feel it?

I sure can! 

After 11 days on Raw Food, I really am starting to feel great :) On the most part it has been a lot easier than I expected and I am soooooo proud of myself to have cut out caffeine, dairy, meat, processed foods etc. But I am kind of craving some things (hmmmm steak...) with another 20 days to go, I really feel I can do it and even afterwards, while I may not stick to 100% raw, I am going to be carrying over many of these fabulous habits and ways of eating.

I'm perhaps not seeing as big an impact as I have heard from some people. There could be a few reasons for this:
  • I'm still going through changes and it is only day 11 after all. There may be even better improvements ahead!
  • My starting point wasn't too bad
  • My body is pretty hard working and efficient at what it does already
It is hard to describe the positive changes I am feeling but they are there!
  • Clearer eyes - who knew they could be this white (the pic above is not my eye though)
  • I can breath easier, it just seems that things are flowing well. Goodness is flowing all around me
  • I've got more energy. I've had some pretty early starts and am getting through the day really well
  • More confidence in me. I mean 11 days in a row without without a coffee? Or a glass of wine? Or milk and meat? Pretty cool.
  • I'm slimmer and stronger from both the diet and bootycamp :)
I'm discovering some great food combos and flavours that I haven't tried before and may not have made the effort to try if I was sticking to my normal routine.

Tonight we made a delicious smoothie with watermelon, banana, coconut water along with chia seeds, LSA and physillium husks. Delicious!

We've been totally juicing it up. Got some spinach? In! Zucchini? Why not...Chard, beetroot, carrots, brocolli stems, apples, cucumbers, kale it makes a wonderful juice.

I have to say that I am really interested in the reactions people are having to the Raw Food Challenge. I have had several different people really anti the idea. And quite vocally too! They don't understand enough about it or the reasoning as to why I'm doing it. They are thinking Fad Diet, stupid and ridiculous etc. Not seeing that I'm doing it to see how I feel, for my overall health. Gosh, it's not like I'm living on lemon water for a month. I'm having the largest range of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds as possible, in versatile and delicious ways, that is giving me pretty much all the vitamins and minerals I need (I've been taking B12 supplements as you can't find it in this diet).

I'm not doing this as a drastic way to lose weight (because that is definitely not the way it is working for me - though I'm losing a little and feeling slimmer and building a little more muscle).

Anyway, I know the big picture and it is not a fad diet. It is a health challenge. Though I guess it does sound pretty fad-dy - Organic Vegan Raw Diet...

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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