Thursday, February 17, 2011

Raw Food Challenge Day #3: I can't get no satisfaction

Well this morning I struggled a little. It felt like I couldn't get full. I'd had a juice (I don't know what was in it as BFF C made it while I wasn't paying attention at 5.30am) in the morning before bootcamp. Then breakfast when we got back (apples, pears and bananas blended to a porridge consistency with muesli). I got ready for the day and just felt like I needed more. So I had a bit of avocado, a plum, some gazpacho soup, and then more gazpacho soup and then nuts and a cup of peppermint tea. Then I looked at the time. 10am...

Holy cow (hmmm...steak...)! I couldn't believe it was so early and I'd eaten so much...Maybe bootcamp had something to do with it? I guess I'll see if a pattern arises as time goes on.

After a few glasses of water I got through it and started to feel okay again in the afternoon.

Bootycamp was good and tough this morning. I've never done any boxing and today was the morning to begin! Gosh it is a workout and 1.5 minutes passes very slowly when you're trying to punch hard and fast... But I do feel good, even though the muscles are sore and I'm waddling around...

Because I work at home, I do find it hard knowing that there is a fridge full of stuff easily accessible at all times. Especially when there are a few little cravings coming up. But I'm holding strong!

It also helps that we have two fridges. We've designated one fridge as the normal one for The Man and visitors and one for all the organic food stuffs. And in the pantry, the shelf at eye level is for all our wholesome goodness.

I rewarded myself for this first 3 days raw and two sessions at bootycamp by getting a mani/pedi and I now have gorgeous cherry red, bright, happy nails :) Plus, my nails were in a dire state and I am going to be looking after myself during this challenge and this was one of the great ways to do it.

I have to say that I am very, very, very proud of myself this evening. I went and met two of my girlfriends at the pub (yes, the pub - what the hell was I doing there??!!) but all I had was a glass of water! Even while they had beer and wine and wedges and dips I stuck to my water. It actually wasn't too hard. It helped that I wasn't down wind of the wedges and they did check with me first. I just held the big picture in my mind and engrossed myself in conversations.

What challenging situations have you had to be in? How did you handle it?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo


  1. Good on ya, that's some extreme will power managing to go to the pub in summer and not have a drink :)

  2. Well done Arienne!
    It is though doing all the changes at the same time, so you don't make it easy for you.
    Bet you the hunger is from exercise. I still have that on my e decide days. I just listen to my body, if it says to eat, I will eat :)
    Great to reward yourself to.
    Xxx chan

  3. Thanks Chan and Shane, I am excited about exercising my will power :)

    It is actually not as hard as I thought it might be, sure I miss a coffee and a bit of meat, but I get over it quite easily. And yes, probably with the hard core exercise I do need a little more


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