Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Portable Office

I mostly work from home, but also work at the 10thousandgirl shared space once a week and then at random places on an ad hoc basis when I just need to get out!

This means I have to have all my important stuff together so I can do what I need to wherever I am.

Some people are very minimalist. I am not one of those people.

I am visual - I need paper.
I need lists I can see and schedules that are in front of me.

So here are the items that make up my portable office (and yes, sometimes I am really daggy and I cart them around in a wheelie case - it was not sexy enough to photograph for this post.):

Phone & Headphones

I love listening to podcasts on the go and the headphones are also good for handsfree conversations.


I gave up on my internet dongler because it really was hopeless! Now I just quickly check and send emails from the iPad if necessary.

 Laptop & Mouse

I don't like the mouse on the laptop so I always have my wireless mouse on hand. It is especially helpful when I'm fussing around with excel spreadsheets and jumping between different programs.


I cannot live without my planner. It has all my important information in it and its where I schedule and prioritise what is going on in my week.


Blog Planner

Since I created my own blog planner I wonder how I survived before! It helps me plan what posts should be ready when and keeps it altogether and clear for my chaotic mind.



While my diary keeps me on track I use my notebook to scribble out plans and details of the projects I'm working on. I prefer paper first and then I put things together and edit on the computer.

Pencil Case

It makes such a difference writing and planning in colour with nice pens as opposed to just boring old blue or black ink. That's why I carry around my pink polka dot pencil case. It holds all the important writing and work tools including:
Coloured markers
USB stick
Post its

So, that is my portable office!

Do you lug around as much as I do or are you much more minimalist or digital??

Make it as you wish SSSs!


  1. I'd love to get a copy of your blog planner. Might there be a download link anywhere?

    1. Hi Benjamin j! Thank you for commenting :) I'll see if I can put it up into a file for download. It is a bit pink and girlie in the digital file (I only printed it out in black and white above!). I'll post here when I do :)


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