Saturday, July 21, 2012

The London Wrap - Part 2

In honour of the upcoming London Olympics (and because unfinished business makes me wake up in the middle of the night), here is the long overdue continuation of the summary of my October 2011 London trip. Click here to read The London Wrap Part 1.

WESTFIELD SHEPHERDS BUSH: Being from Australia, I am of course familiar with the Westfield shopping centres. I have to say this one in Shepherd's Bush took the cake. Massive stores with impressive store fronts and all the favourites - Zara, H&M and Topshop - they even had a Boost Juice there! Tatiane and I shopped...a bit...okay...quite a bit!

PRIMARK: Fun clothes, super cheap. Primark's Website
BRIXTON ACADEMY: Famous place for concerts and gigs - we ate Subway in a dodgy area before hand. Website

COVENT GARDEN: What's a trip to London without visiting Covent Garden? Nothing really, so we did! There were restaurants, markets, easy access to the Seven Dials shopping area and Soho.

BENIHANA: Growing up we were lucky enough to live in a wonderful 5 star hotel in Bangkok (thanks to Dad's job). Unfortunately we didn't really appreciate what restaurants we had until we were older and had to pay for restaurants ourselves! Benihana is an upscale teppanyaki restaurant that we loved because they threw food at you. It was wonderful to be able to experience it again.

TRADER VICS: Same goes for Trader Vics - a tiki bar/restaurant - whose founder is credited with creating the original Mai Tai. Get ready to spend a long time perusing the cocktail menu and you can't go past their ribs. Yummmmmmmmmm!
MONMOUTH COFFEE: If you love coffee, you need to Monmouth. Enough said.

LEICESTER SQUARE: We pretty much only visited Leiscester square to get discount show tickets. There are lots of ticket outlets there in and above the Tube stop. They really seemed the same in terms of availability and pricing.

STOMP: What a show!!!! Definitely recommend it. If you've seen Tap Dogs, or are a fan of anything with rhythm and beats this show will impress. The whole thing has no speech, no music but is sooooo engaging. Stomp Website

WE WILL ROCK YOU: A tribute to Queen to a story line written by Ben Elton. We got fantastic seats to the show - about 8 from the front - awesome to sing a long to. Website

RICHMOND PARK: Deer in the city?! Yes, there are deer in Richmond Park. Luckily we got to see some in the vast greenery. It was a lovely walk and I took lots of pics of the beautiful surrounds.

KEW GARDENS: Those who know me know I love (adore!) flowers, so Kew Gardens were a must. I have to say October wasn't the best time for some flowers as they weren't in bloom (oh, that pesky cycle of mother nature...). It was great to spend the day walking on beautiful grass and seeing wonderful kept gardens. And then a plant tried to kill my sister.

GORDON'S WINE BAR: Its the oldest winebar in London. Very busy, we ended up sitting outside, but the inside looked beautifully cosy with nooks and stone walls.

BAKER STREET: I've always had an interest in Sherlock Holmes. Especially more now with the super intelligent BBC versions. I didn't make it inside the residence, but it was enough to see it from the outside!

OXFORD STREET: Shopping galore. Shops, shops and more shops...

TATE MODERN: I've been wanting to go here for years and I finally made it. There were some great exhibits and I spent a few hours there. The gift store was great!

BIG BEN: It really is pretty. Even though it is just a clock with history...

TOWER BRIDGE: Okay, I think I'm not the only one that thought Tower Bridge was London Bridge. Seriously, which one is more impressive?? 

PROUD CABARET: We went to their halloween session and had a dinner and show package. We, the audience had to come dressed up as well which was half the fun. Well worth the visit and I'd love to go again!

Writing this I realise we did A LOT! But managed to balance it with some fabulous down time. We also went to Bath (which I love, love, loved!!) and visited Stonehenge. There is so much to see in London and would love to go back (too bad my sis is coming back early 2013!).

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