Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week in Review: 13 - 20th July - Celebrations, Goodbyes & Connecting with Women

My companions - Tea & Tissues

  • Celebrated Ms S's birthday. Intended to stay for a couple hours. Stayed out past our pumpkin hour
  • Hazy food shopping due to above
  • Group food preparation - goulash, garlic bread, cucumber salad and cupcakes! Fab team effort all!
  • Friends over to eat above
  • Brunch for 8. Hard to find anywhere to accommodate this sized group! So fab to catch up
  • Rozelle markets with Mrs M - for the last time before they leave...Oh the memories
  • Bought wedding dress (i know it is a big one but it was such a surprise! I had no intention of even looking at one that day...)
  • Urban chicken sighting
  • Fish & Chip dinner - yay for occasional non-healthy indulgence!
  • Teary goodbye to Mrs M & Mr J - I know we'll see you soon but I can't just pop in to Perth!
  • Received coat rack The Man and I ordered. The Man did a fab job of piecing all the little bits together!
  • Beautiful new diary arrived. It is (sigh) beautiful.
  • Google hangout meeting with a group of women located around the world. Inspiring
  • Face to face catch up with accountability buddies for a change. So nice!
  • Made a bunch of phone calls organising people and things
  • Caught up with creative friend for doggy date and catch up fun. Frustrations vented and ideas created!
  • Now I am sick...I rarely get a I'm frustrated! There is so much I want/need to do and just don't have the energy or brain capacity to tackle. I have rubbed my nose almost off...

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