Friday, July 13, 2012

Week in Review 7th - 13th July 2012: Arienne Got Her Groove Back

I tell you, coming back from holidays is tough work. Tough with a capital 'T' I say!

I've steadily been trying to get back into the swing of things back home. One of the things that has helped was relocating my office from near the kitchen to a bright airy room upstairs. And because of that (and with the help of some beautiful new bits of stationary) I am back and on track! Yippee!!!

So this week has been a hodge podge of love, friends, doggy, kitty, rearranging and beautiful life/work planning:

  • Caught up with lovely friends with good news at local cafe
  • Bought some delish gumboots (that didn't cost the earth):
  • Rearranged the downstairs furniture to create a cozy corner (including The Man, dog and doonas for added warmth):
  • Washed Zander the dog (finally! pooey!)
  • Had scrumptious lunch at local malaysian eatery (Asian food, how I missed you on our Croissant and Cheese Euro jaunt)
  • Don't tell anyone, but we bought takeaway from above eatery to have for dinner that night too...
  • Lovely accountability buddy catch up after 6 weeks being unaccountable
  • Date Night with The Man at local pub
  • Created my own blog planner (can't wait to print in colour!):
  • Stationary shop visit for inspiring new tools
  • Mr & Mrs S arrived for a few days before they move to whoop whoop (booooooo)
  • Google Hangouts meeting for new group I'm involved in
  • Oooh and started my new office set up as can be seen in Photo 1!
  • Uploaded a bunch of pics from Hungary
  • Wrote some snail mail correspondence (love pen and paper!)
  • Ordered a gorgeous coat rack to solve our coat mountain
  • Found my new blog crush at A Life of Perfect Days. Isn't she awesome?
  • Wrote Monthly Dreams, The Power of Intention and Cross-Stitch Creativity posts
What about you gorgeous Savvy She? What did you get up to?

Make it as you wish SSSs!
Arienne xo

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